why does toilet paper cost more?


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Many hygiene products are affected by price increases, including toilet paper. Several factors are involved behind this inflation.

Gas, oil, fuel and flour have recently been affected by rising prices. But among the daily products also concerned are those related to hygiene. Toothbrushes, toilet paper and paper towels, in particular, are also seeing their prices increase, reports Le HuffPost. This inflation is due to make households more precarious and push them to give up certain products. One in six French people would also be ready to give up hygiene products as a priority, according to an Ipsos study carried out for the E. Leclerc Observatory of new consumption and published in early April.

If toilet paper suffers from a price increase, it is because several factors are intertwined, explained Grégory Caret, director of the UFC-Que Choisir Consumer Observatory, to HuffPost. The late impact of the pandemic overlap with those of the immediate the war in Ukraine. The march between supply difficulties during the health crisis and the “intensive restart of global transport” created a “rush on raw materials” and therefore a shortage. Two years after the start of the crisis, all production is now affected.

The packaging and production of the toilet paper in question

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has a direct impact on certain productions, this is particularly the case with Ukrainian oil and grainpresent in food, but also in certain hygiene products, and russian oil, essential for plastic packaging. Furthermore, the increase in gas and electricity prices has a direct impact on production. The paper industry is particularly energy-intensive, recalls Grégory Caret, and is therefore affected by rising prices.

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