Why I'm a non-smoker happy with the e-cigarette


I smoked my first two cigarettes when I was 15. One to have smoked a cigarette and one to be armed for an acute I-want-to-smoke-to-be-cool moment. Then I got older, got pretty cool even without smoking and since then only smoke once a year on New Year's Eve, in order to successfully implement at least one resolution (namely to become a non-smoker). Long live self-deception.

Anyway, I'm a convinced non-smoker almost every day of the year. And yet I'm really glad that there are e-cigarettes. To be honest, I don't really care how much and whether they are better for the health of smokers. It is none of my business what other people do with their own bodies. But with conventional cigarettes, unfortunately, it did not stay with your own body … It was (and is often still) mine.


You are annoying on the train

Yes, no one smokes lanes anymore, but if the tip is quickly flicked to the ground when you get in, it still stinks a good time. In general, cold smoke in clothes is really disgusting …

You are annoying in the office

Always these die-hard colleagues who are booted out of the house once an hour. That was a bit frustrating … I would have liked to get some fresh air in between, but hand on heart, the air in front of the front door was mostly not fresh at all. With all of the e-cigarettes, a maximum of a hint of strawberry aroma is now blowing across the terrain. OK then! Let's hope that the two three stinkers can also be converted …

You annoy at parties

The best conversations always take place on the balcony? I agree. Only that you smoked everything so that as a non-smoker you were fed up of the open air parallel event after five minutes at the latest. At least it got a little better …

You are annoying on the street and at bus stops

Boah, how it always stank. I only really noticed it when I was pregnant and then with small children in the car or by the hand. Really caustic. I recently noticed that I haven't been chasing analog smokers for a long time. Soooo good!

You bothered me in my bed

Well, the problem has been solved because I married a non-smoker. But I used to have a soft spot for smokers. But what came out of the skin in the night at times, that was really … ugh devil.

So, to everyone out there who still pollutes their environment and the lives of the non-smokers around them with the stinky diesel under the cigarettes: Do us all a favor and at least switch to the far less anti-social e-variant in public or leave it at that just be whole. This smell just doesn't have to be in 2020 anymore. And if you don't care about the others: Your own bodies will thank you too! Because what blackens your lungs is the combustion particles and not the nicotine. I don’t care if you’re pulling this in. I just don't want anything to do with it.