Why it is important to use a scrub for your eyebrows

If you did not already know, we explain the benefits of regular exfoliation of the eyebrow area.

We already knew the importance of the scrub for our body, but also for our face. More recently, we have also learned the benefits of regular exfoliation of the scalp or the lips. We then thought that the scrub no longer had any secrets for us … and yet! A few days ago, we discovered that we had forgotten an area … that of eyebrows ! Yes, it is recommended to make a regular exfoliation on the level of his eyebrows. Let us tell you more about this technique which should be part of your weekly beauty routine.

All the benefits of eyebrow scrub

Since this month, L'Atelier du Sourcil has been selling a scrub for the lips and eyebrows. Yes, you read that right ! This is how we learned the importance of eyebrow scrub. According to the brand, this very sensitive area should be exfoliated once a week, like the lips, face and body. "Every week, and a few days before waxing (…), apply a thin layer under the browbone area, exfoliate gently in circular motions, rinse with water. Don't forget the heads of your eyebrows and the area between your eyebrows, for limit the hairs under the skin" Joss, the brand's founder, explains via a press release. Erasing your eyebrows also helps rid the area of small dead skin, to do breathe your skin under the hair, but also stimulate growth and limit the unsightly regrowth or ingrown hairs.

Eyebrow and lip scrub, L'Atelier du Sourcil (on atelierdusourcil.com)

Formulated with micro-grains of crushed apricot kernel, this scrub promises a gentle exfoliation of the eyebrows. Its composition has also been designed to hydrate the area. To test therefore! And if you don't have an eyebrow scrub at home, you can also use a gentle facial scrub. Moreover, here are 3 products that we recommend:

Typology Regenerating face scrub with olive squalane (on typology.com)

The right things to do for perfect eyebrow hair removal

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