Wide pants, sequins, visible underwear… The five trends to remember for spring-summer 2023

After New York, London and Milan, the weeks of presentation of the spring-summer 2023 collections ended in Paris on Tuesday, October 4. More than a hundred brands were on the program. Between major established labels – Dior, Balenciaga or Chanel – and young shoots – Coperni, Rokh, etc. –, the designers revealed the major clothing trends for the coming summer. A brief overview of the strongest.

The pants get slumped

Givenchy.  Balenciaga.  Stella McCartney.

Worn (very) low waisted like a throwback to the 2000s, extra-wide cut in faded or laced denim, or in a cargo version with patch pockets on the side, the pants for summer 2023 claim their most raw side.

The skin takes air

Victoria Beckham.  Coperni.  Saint Laurent.

Celebrate the body: with this maxim in mind, the creators have put the skin in the spotlight. The shoulders are revealed, and the backs of the models are visible, the belly takes the air thanks to increasingly short tops, and the tank top with thin straps becomes essential.

The sequins radiate

Balenciaga.  AZFactory.  Valentino.

Whether festive or associated with an everyday silhouette, sequins have inspired designers. On a very close-fitting formal evening dress, a man’s jacket worn as a dress or a simple denim jacket, sequins enhance the look.

The lingerie is revealed

Miu Miu.  Christian Dior.  Rokh.

An infinite field of exploration, lingerie and its delicate lace are no longer hidden under clothing. Bras and panties are visible under transparent dresses, are declined in a shapewear – these items of lingerie following the shapes of the body to better sheath them – or let themselves be discovered under large coats.

The infinitely large, the infinitely small

Loewe.  Chanel.  Louis Vuitton.

Playing on perceptions by summoning a bit of surrealism: this is what some designers have had fun with, by enlarging the zips of dresses or the sleeves of a blouse, or on the contrary, by offering incredibly small accessories.

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