Wild animals in Vienna – Fox walks through the middle of Leopoldstadt

Almost half of Vienna’s urban area consists of parks, meadows and forests. It’s no wonder that there are so many wild animals in Vienna – some of them are also drawn to inhabited areas.

Wild animals are increasingly feeling at home in cities. And Vienna in particular, with its numerous parks and surrounding forests, impresses with its special diversity of species. A few days ago, “Krone” reader Silviu could hardly believe his eyes. Strolling through Vienna undisturbed. Shortly before midnight, a fox walked along Taborstrasse. Neither the passers-by nor the cars disturbed the wild animal. Curious, he jumped onto the benches in front of the Bear Pharmacy at number 26 Taborstrasse and sniffed the plants in the Beserlpark there. Finally he ran towards Glockengasse and crawled under a gate. Lots of foxes in the city What is a special experience for many Viennese, but the city is not surprised. According to MA 49, foxes can often be found in inhabited areas even during the day. Since they do not see humans as a danger, this is not abnormal behavior. Important: “Please do not feed the foxes under any circumstances,” emphasizes the magistrate. Correct behavior But it is not only foxes that are frequently seen wild animals in the city, wild boars are also increasingly roaming around inhabited areas and gardens. Although shy, they have learned that there is no danger from humans. Nevertheless, it is essential to behave correctly in an encounter: do not make any hectic movements, retreat slowly and under no circumstances throw sticks or stones at the wild boars. In 2017, deer were also spotted in the city park for the first time, and they are often found in the central cemetery – especially at dusk, just like the brown hares
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