Windows 11 is treading water: bad news for Microsoft

Microsoft must now be very brave. Because the latest figures on the spread of Windows 11 are not great.

Windows 11 is treading water. The advertising network Adduplex has published new statistics on the spread of Windows operating systems and these are not good news for Microsoft. Because the spread of Windows 11 is stagnating.

The situation with Windows 11

According to this, Windows 11 is installed on 19.4 percent of the computers evaluated in March 2022. In February 2022, the Windows 11 share was 19.3 percent. Just 0.1 percent growth is a disaster for Microsoft, considering how much the Redmond-based company is pushing Windows 11. After a recent update, Microsoft has made it easier to switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and has also started the final delivery for all Windows users earlier than planned and added new functions.

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On the other hand, Microsoft is also doing a lot to make Windows 11 not appear any more attractive. For example, the software manufacturer has tightened the Microsoft account requirement and Microsoft has made changing the default browser in Windows 11 as cumbersome as possible. Microsoft is now eliminating this shortcoming. Microsoft also continues to maintain the popular Windows 10. Many Windows 10 users should therefore see no reason to switch, especially since Windows 11 makes significantly higher hardware demands.

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Incidentally, the Windows 11 test versions for insiders were installed on 0.6 percent of the computers evaluated in March 2022. This is double the February 2022 figure of 0.3 percent.

The situation with Windows 10

The latest version of Windows 10, namely Windows 10 21H2, controls 28.5 percent of the computers evaluated by Adduplex. Windows 10 21H2 was up about 7 percent month-on-month, mostly at the expense of Windows 10 20H2.

Windows 10 21H1 also has an impressive 26.5 percent and Windows 10 20H2 still holds its own at 10.8 percent of the computers. The even older Windows 10 versions are no longer that important, but these veterans are still in use.

For its statistics, Adduplex evaluates the installation data from around 5,000 apps from the Windows Store.

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