Windows 11: Update brings search function back to the taskbar


Microsoft has dispensed with the direct search in the taskbar in Windows 11. A new update is now supposed to bring the popular function back.

Windows 11 will soon get more personalization options. (Source: gioiak2/

  • In Windows 11 there is no search function in the taskbar.
  • Many users miss this.
  • An update should bring back the search bar.

Windows 11 is now over a year on the market and many fans are satisfied with the software. However, there are still some changes that not everyone likes. A good example of this is the search function in the taskbar. There were several complaints about Windows 10, which is why the successor version did without it.

On the other hand, many people liked the function and Microsoft is now apparently planning to give users the choice: According to a report by DeskModder, after a future update under Windows 11 you should be able to decide for yourself whether a search bar is displayed in the taskbar or not.

Also interesting…

In the settings you should then be able to choose between “Hide”, “Search symbol only”, “Search field” and “Search symbol”.

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