Winter: Help hedgehogs through the cold season with simple tips

The cool temperatures make it difficult for hedgehogs to survive the winter. Animal lovers can do that for the prickly four-legged friends.

Many hedgehogs need human help to survive the cold season. Before doing this, animal lovers should know a little about the lifestyle of the little four-legged friends in order to create pleasant conditions for them in the garden.

Hedgehogs mostly resort to areas that are next to the forest. Planting a thick hedge or thicket of bushes in the garden can help animals find a nest that is close to their natural habitat. Rose hip, hawthorn, and common blackthorn are suitable for such purposes. In them the prickly friend can easily hide from the sun and unnecessary attention.

Prepare for hibernation

Hedgehogs can also be helped when it comes to feeding. It is especially important to feed your little four-legged friends in autumn when they are preparing for hibernation. As early as the end of August, it is time to provide them with additional food, for example with a small portion of cat or dry food per day. A hedgehog ready to hibernate should resemble a ripe pear in shape.

Hedgehog huts in remote locations

Hedgehogs can overwinter very well in simple shelters. They can be quickly made from any material. The simplest shelter is a large plastic pot (from three liters) with a hole cut on the side as an entrance. Dry herbs and leaves keep the hedgehog warm inside. Cover the shelter from the outside with earth, moss, leaves and bark to camouflage it. Hedgehog huts belong in a secluded place, for example in a bush near the fence or under the trees.

During the warm weather the animal can wake up and look for food. In winter, however, there is hardly any suitable food left in nature. Every now and then a handful of dry food near the shelter can help during this time.

Do not lure into the house!

The prickly four-legged friend does not belong in the house under any circumstances. The hedgehog's body is set to hibernate and keeping it in a warm apartment disrupts the rhythm of life.