“With all consistency”: Baerbock wants to support the Baltic states more

“With all consequence”
Baerbock wants to give more support to the Baltic states

Federal Foreign Minister Baerbock is traveling to the Baltic States for three days. Even before the meeting with her counterparts, the Greens politician assured Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania more support for border protection and explained that Germany could still learn a lot from the three EU members.

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has pledged greater support to Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania in view of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. “We are ready to do even more to ensure the safety of our partners,” said the Green politician before she left for a three-day trip to the Baltic States. Baerbock did not give any details, but emphasized: “In an emergency, we will defend every square centimeter of our common alliance area.” The Bundeswehr in Lithuania already has the leading role in the NATO presence.

Baerbock wants to meet her counterpart Edgars Rinkevics in the Latvian capital Riga. A meeting with Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins is also planned. In the afternoon, the minister wants to take part in consultations with Rinkevic’s three Baltic foreign ministers, Eva-Maria Liimets (Estonia) and Gabrielius Landsbergis (Lithuania).

She wanted to make it clear on her trip: “Germany takes the new realities into account, with all the consequences.” The German government is resolutely supporting Ukraine in its fight for survival with weapons, financial support and other tough sanctions against the power base of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, you strengthen your own defensiveness and make your contribution to the reorientation of security in Europe. “So that our partners can rely on Germany,” stressed Baerbock.

Worried look towards Russia

The minister explained that Germany could learn a lot from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania about defensiveness. For years, the Baltic States have been investing in energy security, IT infrastructure, media resilience and defense capabilities. In the Baltic States, people have been looking intensely and with concern towards Russia for years. “I would like to listen carefully to your experiences and insights,” emphasized the minister.

Baerbock accused Putin of paying no attention to human life, international law, or the life and development opportunities of his own people. “In doing so, he also destroyed large parts of the European security architecture, which we have built on in recent decades and which was also a guarantee of security, especially for our Eastern European friends.”

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