With the “general states of immigration”, the National Rally assumes the nod to the ex-RPR

Alexandre Chauveau / Photo credit: ALAIN JOCARD / AFP

The National Rally is organizing this Tuesday evening in Paris “general states of immigration”, an assumed reference to a conference of the same name launched by the RPR in 1990. Through this means, the party with the flame intends to seduce part of the right-wing electorate.

Winking at some nostalgic people. This was the objective declared by the National Rally this Tuesday evening through the general states of immigration. An event, organized at the Maison de la Chimie, in Paris, which is intended to be a reference to the conference of the same name launched by the RPR in 1990.

At the time, after two months of work, the RPR proposed, among other things, reserving social benefits for nationals only, but also closing borders or eliminating family reunification. This Tuesday, the objective of the RN is therefore twofold: to show that its program is republican, since defended by the RPR at the time, and to highlight the supposed betrayals of the so-called classic right, accused of not having kept its promises. and above all to present itself today as the great right-wing party.

Show an ability to bring together

“This RPR has a social and patriotic fiber. It brings together the social Gaullists attached to social justice, sometimes already at the time described as left, and the strong Gaullists, sometimes already treated as fascists”, declared Franck Allisio, deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône, at the initiative of these States General.

In June 2023, the latter had also symbolically purchased the RPR domain name. An initiative which was striking in view of the RN’s anti-Gaullist past. But the party wants to show its ability to bring people together, as evidenced by the presence on stage of the essayist Malika Sorel, new number 2 on Jordan Bardella’s list for the European elections.

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