With the Pixel Tablet, Google is trying to replace its Nest Hub

Google’s Pixel Tablet was no secret since it was already presented at the I/O last June. But we didn’t really expect to see it arrive at the Made by Google conference introducing the Pixel Watch and the Pixel 7.

Without really going into details since the tablet will not be released until 2023, Google wanted to show a little more, in particular the product interface. As you might expect, Android will take over. Probably Android 12L, although Google did not provide further details on this. The teams of the American firm mainly returned to the design of the tablet, its rounded corners, its sober and elegant design, or its ability to turn into a Nest Hub by means of a wireless charging station.

A little surprise, because the Pixel Tablet is no longer just a tablet, but becomes an object in its own right in the house, thus doing the job of an existing product already on the market: the Nest Hub. Again, Google’s clarification was pretty minimal. Just did we see that the tablet can turn into a dynamic photo frame. The real interest lies in the fact that the Pixel Tablet becomes a hub that can serve as a chime or return interface for the firm’s connected doorbells, or that it works in conjunction with the other products in the Nest range.

And that’s all we’ll know about the tablet for now. We will have to wait until 2023 to see it presented with more information. We already know that the Pixel Tablet will be equipped with the Google Tensor G2, giving it performance equivalent to that of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. In any case, Google knows how to handle the suspense on its product which, as its small presentations progress, becomes more and more interesting.

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