With the Supernatural app and Quest 3 headset, workouts finally become fun

I walked into a store last weekend and saw something I’d never seen before: families waiting in line to try out a VR headset, the Meta Quest 3.

Two employees were stationed in front of the Meta Quest stand to try out the headset. And other employees were explaining virtual reality to parents and the types of experiences available for their 10- to 15-year-old children.

Of course, parents and kids were probably trying out the Quest 3 to see if it was going to make their Christmas gift list. And they probably think of this thing as a gaming console. Yet the Quest 3 can be used for more than just gaming. He can train you.

I’ve been using Supernatural for two weeks, I’ve gotten a taste for it

With for example a fitness app called Supernatural, which takes advantage of the best features of VR and some of the specific strengths of the Quest 3 to make workouts much more fun than using a treadmill, an exercise bike, or a rower. In addition, it clearly saves you space in small apartments.

I have been using Supernatural for two weeks. I was surprised at how quickly I took a liking to it. It’s a bit like a mix of the VR game Beat Saber and Apple’s Fitness Plus workouts.

In Supernatural, you have two exercises to choose from.

  • The first consists of boxing projectiles arriving at you continuously.
  • For the second, you have to slice them using a pair of sticks that look like two lightsabers.

I found the Supernatural app incredibly addictive

You’re transported to breathtaking locations around the world, including the most beautiful mountains and beaches, then guided through the workout by a coach who encourages you to use your boxing gloves or sticks to hit targets that fly towards you in random formations matching the beats of the most popular music tracks. (I particularly like the Imagine Dragons mixes).

Supernatural app on Meta Quest VR headset (marketing image)

Flow workouts in the Supernatural app involve swinging virtual sticks to hit targets that move to the beat of energetic songs.

I found the Supernatural app incredibly addictive. I paired it with my Apple Watch so it records heart rate data and tells me how much fitness I’m getting from working out.

A 20 or 30 minute workout in Supernatural easily matched the amount of cardio I got from my morning sessions on the exercise bike, treadmill, or elliptical, with my heart rate often reaching over 140-150 beats per minute.

Supernatural also offers meditation and stretching activities

I replaced my usual workouts for two weeks with Supernatural activities. And my biggest surprise was how much I now look forward to getting into morning workouts rather than having to motivate myself to jump on the bike or treadmill.

Namely, the Supernatural application also offers meditation and stretching activities.

In an interview with ZDNET, Jonny Ahdout, product marketing manager at Supernatural, said: “There is a huge opportunity for people who need help with their physical and mental health, who are willing to try new things and who want a little more engagement and fun, so that training doesn’t feel like an obligation, but like something they feel pushed towards because it’s fun and they feel good about it. enthusiasm. And that, in itself, has its own mental health benefits.”

The right activity to avoid injuries

Sapna Kirk, former Peloton executive, now vice president of marketing at Supernatural, added: “We often hear that people come to us after injuries or normal wear and tear on their bodies, and Supernatural was designed to way to be gentle on the body while providing a very effective workout.

I identified with these cases because I have been running since high school and I love running.

But I recently had to give it up due to a hip injury. I’ve tried working out on an exercise bike, and the Apple Fitness Plus bike workouts have helped, but I’m still having trouble getting motivated.

Supernatural benefits from Quest 3 being lightweight

Supernatural brings conviviality. I love the energy and fun that comes with training, and I plan to continue using it.

Supernatural is leveraging these qualities in its new “Unreal Fitness” marketing campaign. The video, directed by Neels Castillion and produced by Ridley Scott’s RSA films, captures the pace, music and coaching of Supernatural very well – while transporting you to a glacier in Iceland.

Supernatural benefits from the fact that the Quest 3 is lightweight (at 515g), wireless, easy to use, comfortable, and has enhanced graphics to enjoy and immerse yourself in magnificent settings around the world.

Quest 3 crashes and I’m lost!

The Apple Vision Pro is expected to arrive in early 2024 and bring much more attention and interest to virtual reality. But the headset won’t be fitness-focused. This is probably because version 1.0 of Vision Pro will be heavier than the Quest 3 (its weight not having been precisely determined by those who have taken it in hand) and will include a separate battery which will not make it easier to carry. ‘training.

It will also cost $3,500 (sold only in the US first), compared to €550 for the Quest 3. So if you’re interested in VR fitness, Supernatural on the Quest 3 is a one-of-a-kind solution at the moment .

This became abundantly clear to me this week when the Quest 3 headset crashed for about 30 minutes and displayed a strange Android error notification screen. This is the only time this has happened during my month of testing and there haven’t been massive reports of other users experiencing this issue.

I spend a lot of time in front of screens…

However, during those 30 minutes, I was seriously depressed about not being able to do my workouts in Supernatural anymore and having to go back to traditional workout equipment. This is what motivated me to write this article, to allow other people to benefit from Supernatural.

The main downside however that I find to this way of moving is that, ultimately, I spend a lot of time in front of screens… Using Supernatural and Quest 3 for cardio workouts means that I also have to balance my time with d other activities like a walk or hike or other workouts that don’t involve spending time in front of a screen again and again.

ZDNET’s purchasing advice for the Quest 3 headset and the Supernatural app

To use Supernatural, you’ll need a Quest 3 (€550) or a Quest 2 (now sold for less at €300) and a subscription to Supernatural (€10 per month or €100 per year). It’s an investment, so if you know anyone who owns a Quest 2 or 3, I recommend trying it on their headset before purchasing, with Supernatural offering a two-week free trial.

And compare that to fitness equipment, from a stationary bike to a treadmill and other equipment, or even a gym membership…

Another advantage, with the Quest 3, you can save more space in your living space than with traditional fitness equipment and you can also save time by training at home since you will no longer have to travel at the gym.

Beyond all that, the biggest reason to buy a Quest and use Supernatural is that I’m confident you’ll be more likely to do your workouts because they’re much more enjoyable and motivating.

One last tip, if you decide to go for it, buy a silicone face cushion protector (like this one) to limit the effect of sweat, as you will produce a lot of it. And if you’re going to use it on a hard surface, consider a workout mat.

Source: “ZDNet.com”

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