Without sister Anita: Alexandra Hofmann hits the ground running with her first solo single

Without sister Anita
Alexandra Hofmann hits the ground running with her first solo single

Alexandra Hofmann on a solo path.

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Alexandra (49) and Anita Hofmann (46) are an integral part of the hit scene. They have been on stage together for 35 years. For some time now, both sisters have been starting out solo alongside their duo career. Alexandra’s first solo single “Mach’s für dich” has been on the market since the end of June.

The idea for their new careers came to the two during the Corona period. “The blanket really fell on my head back then and I thought, what are you doing now? That’s when we both had the idea of ​​doing something on our own. To go new ways,” explains Alexandra in retrospect on the occasion of her single release . “When this leaked out, well-known writers and producers contacted me to write songs for me.”

“This song speaks to my heart”

“The song ‘Mach’s für dich’, written by Jonathan Zelter and Dominik Gassner, was one of the first that really overwhelmed me. I sat on the sofa crying and knew this song speaks from my soul and fits 100 percent to me.” The song should encourage people “not to let their lives be determined by other people’s talk, but to live their own dreams, even if you sometimes need a lot of courage to do so,” the 49-year-old continued.

“I’m sure that I can spread a lot of positive energy with this song, as well as with the upcoming album ‘Green’,” enthuses Alexandra, “because no matter what life brings, I never see black, I always see green and I’m super excited to see how people like my new songs.”

There was a taste at the end of June on Stefan Mross’ (47) show “Always Sundays”. Alexandra and Anita Hofmann presented their solo singles separately. While Alexandra sang her new title “Mach’s für dich”, Anita performed her single “Leben XXL”.

“Don’t Compare Us”

Despite their own careers, the sisters do not see each other as competitors, as they later clarified in a conversation with Mross. “We two just want to enjoy it after 35 years. And don’t compare us with ‘She has three more followers’ or ‘She has three more fans’,” says Alexandra.

The two sisters made their television debut in 1989 on the ARD program “Musikanten” with the song “Mit much music”. The duo plays several instruments at once, including piano, accordion, trumpet and saxophone. The two have released 14 albums together so far.


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