WordPad: Microsoft’s legendary text editor will disappear on Windows 11

Samir Rahmoune

January 4, 2024 at 6:26 p.m.


Windows 11 © © Windows / Unsplash

A man works on his computer with Windows 11 © Windows / Unsplash

The old native Windows text editor will soon disappear from Windows 11.

The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system will therefore be the occasion for significant changes until the end. Obviously, we first think of the arrival of the AI ​​assistant Copilot directly on computers. But by getting a facelift, Windows is also abandoning a certain number of tools that we all discovered a long time ago, like WordPad!

WordPad, a soon-to-be extinct ancestor

At one time, when we did not have a license to be able to write on Word, the simplest solution was to use the simple native Windows text editor, namely WordPad. But water has passed under the bridge since then, even to the point that the Redmond firm finally decided to simply get rid of it!

Indeed, from build 26020, WordPad simply disappears from the operating system, and can no longer even be reinstalled manually. “ WordPad will be removed during the update. WordPad cannot be reinstalled. WordPad is an outdated Windows feature »Microsoft quietly explained.

Many alternatives available

Obviously, for resourceful people, it will always be possible to find indirect ways on the web to put WordPad back on their machine (while paying attention to the source!). But even if the announcement may make a number of us nostalgic, there is no shortage of much more powerful text editors.

Microsoft of course offers its usual Word, accessible in its Microsoft 365 pack, or free via the online version Office Online. And for those who want to get away from the solutions offered by the American giant, there is the Libre Office option, the free office suite derived from the OpenOffice project. In fact, it must be admitted, this decision stands out above all as an illustration of the passage of time. RIP little WordPad!

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