Working and Mom: 5 Resolutions

No more stress!
5 resolutions to get off to a full start as a working mother in 2021

© Marina Andrejchenko / Shutterstock

The corona pandemic has taken the demands on today's working mother to the next level. In addition to the home office, it means having fun with children, home schooling, household and private life under one roof. Understandably, you quickly feel overwhelmed. Five things will help you get through everyday life in a more balanced way in the New Year.

With the start of the new year, the current situation does not change immediately, but it is advisable to change your approach to the demanding everyday life of mom with a "mental restart". This not only relates to routines and daily routines in the home, but above all to our beliefs and claims. Because seriously – who hasn't had the thought recently that they weren't enough and couldn't meet their own standards? The following five tips will help you master the challenges of everyday life as a working mother in a more relaxed and conscious manner.

1. Don't always say "yes"

"Mom here, mom there …" – of course your children are your gold treasures and you want to be there for them always and everywhere. However, it is also important to set limits and to be able to say "no" from time to time. On the one hand, this applies to childcare (yes, we know, in Corona times this is easier said than done), but on the other hand, it also applies to household and professional life.

Plan your reserves of strength carefully. You are a mother, but not a machine – even if you would like to be one sometimes. Hand in tasks consciously. For example, creating a budget will help you free up time for other important things on your to-do list. If everyone helps, the household will definitely be done faster!

2. Recharge your batteries

On the subject of reserves of strength: Take at least 15 minutes a day to do something that is really good for you. It is important to listen to what is really giving you new strength. Whether a short sports or yoga unit, the conscious enjoyment of your favorite drink or just reading chapters in a book – the aim is for YOU to be able to relax. Your needs come first.

3. Time out

… from home, from work and above all from social media. As if we hadn't heard the word "distance" often enough in the past year, it is also important to create distance on a mental level. Every now and then, consciously take the time to come out. A long walk can work wonders. Take a day off when you need it – your physical and mental health comes first.

However, it is primarily important to distance yourself from social media. Of course we are curious how other mothers are doing with the current situation. However, we tend to compare ourselves – not with the mother next door, but with perfectly staged Instagram mums. Self-esteem has to struggle when you see them doing their jogging lap with a beaming smile and perfect hairstyle while they push the pram in front of them with verve. It doesn't automatically occur to us that the said mums are often too nervous. The result: we feel inferior.

4. First things first

The motto "everything can, nothing must" may sound pretty utopian at first, but it is very helpful to put less pressure on yourself. When your to-do list is so long again, make a conscious effort to stay relaxed.

Of course we have duties and at least have to do one or the other task, but being overwhelmed makes us nervous, unmotivated and unhappy in the long run. Therefore: take a deep breath and then see what really has priority today. Don't worry, be generous and hand in tasks from time to time – without a bad conscience. And once you're in the "workflow", everything goes much faster anyway.

Bonus tip: "Eat the frog first" – in other words, do the least attractive thing on your list first. Then each of the following tasks will seem much easier.

5. Speaking helps

Last but not least: Exchange ideas and talk to other mothers about your feelings and thoughts. This will help you not feel alone – after all, they are facing the same problems. The exchange creates new perspectives and helps you to mentally deal with everyday challenges.