World Cup game interrupted: activists make snooker table unusable

World Cup game interrupted
Activists disable snooker table

Climate activists force a suspension of the snooker world championship in the evening. To protest new fossil fuel projects in Britain, a man powders one of the tables into an unplayable one. He and a woman are arrested.

Two environmental activists from the Just Stop Oil group have been arrested after protesting at the World Snooker Championships in Sheffield, England. A man had jumped onto one of the snooker tables Monday night, scattering orange powder. Another activist was prevented by the referee from spreading powder on another snooker table.

The game between Joe Perry and Robert Milkins then had to be interrupted. The table was first cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and should then be freshly covered. First it was said that the match would continue as soon as possible, then the session was adjourned to Tuesday evening. Mark Allen and Fan Zhengyi were able to continue the game they had started in the morning after an interruption.

The 30-year-old man and the 52-year-old were arrested on suspicion of property damage, the police said. The Just Stop Oil group said it was protesting in support of its call for the UK government to stop all new fossil fuel projects in the UK.

Just Stop Oil (English: “Stop the oil”) is committed, among other things, to an end to oil and gas production in the North Sea. The group had organized a series of actions and blockades over the past few months. In February, five members of the group who taped themselves to the frame of a copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper were fined in London. Last year, activists in London also splashed tomato soup on Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece Sunflowers, which was protected by a pane of glass.

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