World of Warcraft: the Dragonflight expansion and its dated Raid, with an aerial trailer in the heart of the Dragon Islands

It does not drag at Blizzardwhich has just launched Wrath of the Lich King Classic on classic servers World of Warcraft. In effect, the next brand new expansion Dragonflight unveiled at the same time as the latter at the start of the year will be released as planned in 2022 and we now have a date. Thus, the players of MMORPGs won’t really have time to breathe since it is on November 29 at 00:01 that the dragon islands will become accessible. To celebrate the good news, a trailer showing us the new settings that we will be able to explore has been put online, emphasizing the possibility of flying on the back of a dragon and the new class Dracthyr Conjurer.

You can find the key points of the extension below, in addition to the calendar of the Season 1when the Vault of Incarnations Raid will open on December 13.

Discover the Dragon Islands

Discover the Dragon Isles through four brand new areas themed around dragon aspects: the shores of Awakening, bubbling with elemental power, the vast plains of Ohn’ahra, the icy peaks of the Azure Span, not to mention the spiers and the majestic temples of Thaldraszus.

Discover the Evocative Dracthyr

Terrify your opponents or empower your allies with an Evoke or Dracthyr Evoke, the very first class and race combination in World of Warcraft. Able to alternate between a humanoid appearance and a fearsome draconic form, Dracthyrs are exceptionally mobile, and their unique evocative class allows them to specialize in ranged damage or focus on healing with the mystical gifts of dragons. After awakening in the Forbidden Reaches, the Dracthyrs will join the Dragons to defend the islands.

Reach new heights

Dragonflight makes its debut in Dragonflight, an all-new form of skill-based aerial movement that allows players to ride their very own drake to cleave the skies of the Dragon Isles. Players will be able to customize their drake as they progress through the expansion by unlocking new appearance options and abilities that will allow them to fly farther and faster.

New talent system

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight includes significant class updates, centered around the reintroduction of talent trees. With the new talent system, players will be able to make creative and original choices without losing efficiency and more importantly, each level will offer them interesting options.

Trades Update

Unleash your ambitions and your creativity with new tools and new functionalities for the trades.

Customize your interface

Customize your User Interface (UI) and enjoy an improved Heads-Up Display (HUD) during your journey. [EN SAVOIR PLUS]

New dungeons

On November 29, Dragonflight will release and feature eight dungeons, four of which can be run through with companions in order to progress towards the new level cap set at 70, while the other four will be accessible at high levels.

The 50% experience bonus granted by Winds of Wisdom is back !

The Winds of Wisdom are once again blowing across Azeroth. It’s the perfect time to dive back into World of Warcraft, create a new character, or prepare for the Dragonflight expansion.

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Dragonflight Season 1 and Raid Schedule

Dragonflight Season 1 begins the week of December 12 with a new Raid, Vault of Incarnations, a new Mythic+ dungeon rotation, and a new PvP season. Get out your calendars and get ready to take on new challenges on your journey.


The Vault of Incarnations, the first raid available in Dragonflight, features eight new bosses.

The Primalist has entered the prison of the Titans where the Incarnations have been held for millennia. Inside, Raszageth conducted a heinous ritual and freed his kin to help him undermine the Titans’ influence on the world. The champions of Azeroth must assault the fortress and eradicate this threat. This is a perilous mission, but defeat here would place all realms under the bloody thrall of the Incarnations.


  • Week of December 12: The Vault of Incarnation will open on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty during each region’s weekly maintenance.
  • Week of December 19: opening of wing 1 of the Vault of Incarnations in Raid Finder mode.
  • Week of January 2: Opening of wing 2 of the Vault of Incarnations in Raid Finder mode.
  • Week of January 16: Opening of wing 3 of the Vault of Incarnations in Raid Finder mode.


The Vault of Incarnations will be available from the start in Mythic Interfaction mode. In order to receive Hall of Fame rewards, 16 of the minimum 20 raid members will need to belong to the same guild and faction. Please see this support article for more information.


A new rotation of Mythic+ dungeons makes an appearance in Dragonflight Season 1. This rotation includes four dungeons from Dragonflight as well as four dungeons from previous expansions. Here is the full list:

  • Pools of Ruby Essence;
  • The Nokhud Offensive;
  • The vault of Azure;
  • Algeth’ar Academy;
  • Halls of Valor (from the Legion expansion);
  • The Court of Stars (from the Legion expansion);
  • Shadowmoon Hallowed Grounds (from the Warlords of Draenor expansion);
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent (from the Mists of Pandaria expansion).

Mythic+ and PvP Season 1 also begin the week of December 12 with regional maintenance. Regarding Dragonflight, there will be no loot limit applied to Mythic+ mode in the first week, because the Mythic mode of the Vault of Incarnations will be open at the same time.


Season 1 will see the arrival of a new affix, [NOM DE L’AFFIXE, SI DISPONIBLE], while the Necrotic and Inspiring affixes will not be included. We will reveal more information about this affix at a later date.


Dragonflight Season 1 will include well-known exclusive rewards, such as the Ahead of the Curve and Great Raiding Art achievements, Mythic Master achievements, Mythic+ rewards, and Gladiator PvP rewards . We’ll give you more information on Seasonal Rewards and how to get them closer to the start of Season 1.


Your journey to the Dragon Islands is about to begin. We look forward to joining you for a new era of adventure in Dragonflight. See you soon in Azeroth!

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Finally, a word from Holly Longdale, Vice President and Executive Producer of World of Warcraft :

Dragonflight was designed first and foremost for our incredible community, with the goal of recapturing what we love most: the splendor of Azeroth and its characters, and the players who are its heroes and heroines. Everyone is invited to participate in this new adventure which will allow us to discover the splendid lands of the dragons, to contribute to their ancestral heritage and to reveal together the secrets of this land.

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If you haven’t cracked yet, the collector’s edition of WoW: Dragonflight is still available on the store of Blizzard. Derivative products are otherwise available on Amazon.

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