Xavier (Les 12 Coups de midi) married to Laura: Jean-Luc Reichmann makes a revelation about their meeting

Jean-Luc Reichmann is honored this week in TV Cable Sat (June 27 edition). On the occasion of the broadcast of the documentary Jean-Luc Reichmann, an extraordinary destiny July 2 (11:15 p.m.) and from Combat des Maîtres special 12 years on July 2 and 9 (9:10 p.m.), the presenter of 12 noon shots gave them an interview. The opportunity to make some secrets about xavier.

He is one of the emblematic candidates of the TF1 game show. Xavier was revealed on the first channel on January 5, 2013. And viewers had the pleasure of following his adventures until March 21. That day, he left with 335,856, after 76 participations. A performance that allows him to be today the 10th greatest midday master of the 12 noon shots.

This show did not only allow him to win beautiful earnings. It also allowed him to find a great professional opportunity. “I found a job and, as it is the beginning of my professional life, it is something important for me. From Monday, I have to be at work and therefore I will leave my noon master crown“, he confided before bowing out. But above all, as Jean-Luc Reichmann confided to TV Cable Sathe found the woman of his life thanks to the 12 noon shots : “He also found his wife on the show. I attended their wedding!

Nathalie Lecoultre’s companion unfortunately did not say more about the circumstances of the meeting between Xavier and Laura. But fans of the program already knew that the lovebirds got married. A ceremony which took place on July 18, 2020, in the presence of Jean-Luc Reichmann therefore, and which was almost postponed because of the Covid-19. But the lovebirds were fortunately able to say “yes”.

And last December, it was another big news that Laura and Xavier announced in The 12 noon shots. That of the pregnancy of the young woman. They had indeed made the trip, the opportunity to admire the baby bump of the future mother. “I am very happy to become a dad and it will be a wonderful adventure. We know the sex of the baby and it’s a girl“, had then entrusted the champion to Entertainment TV. The delivery was scheduled for the first quarter of 2022. But for the time being, neither Xavier nor Jean-Luc Reichmann have announced the happy event.

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