Xbox Game Pass: 10 games added in early February, including several new ones

Unsurprisingly, in this first week of February 2022, Xbox communicates about what awaits us in the Xbox Game Pass and the PC Game Pass until half of the month. And as usual, the sources of rejoicing are numerous thanks to no less than 10 titles which join the service. There is as expected Besiege (Game Preview), but also Edge of Eternity and infernax from their launch, the content of the Survivor Edition of ARK: Survival Evolved or even the little known and yet appreciated Contrast and Telling Lies.

The big piece remains CrossfireX, FPS exclusive whose solo was developed by Remedy : the first part of the campaign, Operation: Catalyst, will be free for subscribers, but the second, Operation: Specter, will be payable and included in the Ultimate Pack at €24.99. The multiplayer will be for the record accessible to all in free-to-play.

The complete program is available below, with all the same 6 departures on February 15, including Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and control.


  • Contrast (Cloud & Console) ID@Xbox – February 3

Explore a dreamscape of the 1920s, a dark vaudeville inspired in part by reality. In a world full of stories, intrigues and betrayals, you play as Dawn, Didi’s imaginary friend. With your unique powers, you can walk on a lighted wall by becoming your shadow. Switch between states on any lighted surface to help Didi explore the mysteries of her family.

  • Dreamscaper (Cloud, Console & PC) ID@Xbox – February 3

An action-oriented roguelike that you can play endlessly, with an alternating cycle between reality and dreams. At night, dive deep into your subconscious and discover powerful artifacts to defeat your nightmares. By day, explore the town of Redhaven and build relationships to unlock upgrades that will allow you to gain even more power.

  • Telling Lies (Cloud, Console & PC) ID@Xbox – February 3

A police investigation game with non-linear stories that revolves around a cache of secretly recorded video conversations. It stars Logan Marshall-Green, Alexandra Shipp, Kerry Bishé and Angela Sarafyan. Telling Lies was created by Sam Barlow, creator of Her Story and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

  • Besiege (Preview) (Cloud, Console & PC) ID@Xbox – February 10

Besiege is a physics-based construction game where you build medieval siege engines to destroy huge fortresses and peaceful hamlets. Build a machine capable of crushing windmills, wiping out battalions of brave soldiers and transporting precious resources, all while defending your creation against cannons, archers and whatever your desperate enemies have at their disposal. To learn more about the game, go here!

  • CrossfireX (Console) – February 10

Available upon release in Xbox Game Pass: Play CrossfireX’s first single-player campaign, Operation: Catalyst, developed in partnership with Remedy Entertainment. Take control of a unit that will have to cross enemy territory to save their ally and uncover the terrible secrets of the Black List mercenary group.

  • Edge of Eternity (Cloud, Console & PC) ID@Xbox – February 10

Available from launch on Game Pass: Battle through epic turn-based battles with Daryon and Selene to find the cure for Corrosion in this grand tale of hope and sacrifice, crafted by a small team French passionate about J-RPG.

  • Skul: The Hero Slayer (Cloud, Console & PC) ID@Xbox – February 10

Skul is a twitchy, action-packed rogue-lite in which you’re advised to lose your mind. Discover 100 playable characters each with their own abilities as well as an impressive amount of objects to create incredible synergies and take part in battles as enjoyable as they are difficult.

  • The Last Kids on Earth and the Cursed Scepter! (Cloud, Console & PC) – February 10

Battle hordes of zombies in The Last Kids on Earth and the Cursed Scepter, a semi-open world action RPG that tells a new story in the post-apocalyptic city of Wakefield. Play as teenage survivors Jack, Quint, June or Dirk and explore the zombie infested streets in your quest to stop Malondre, a powerful adversary, from getting his hands on the Cursed Scepter.

  • Ark: Ultimate Survivor Edition (Cloud, Console & PC) ID@Xbox – February 14

Experience everything the ARK franchise has to offer through Game Pass with this definitive collection! Tame and ride primitive creatures as you explore wild lands, team up with other players to engage in epic tribal battles, and travel together on the greatest dinosaur-filled adventure of all time.

  • Infernax (Cloud, Console & PC) ID@Xbox – February 14

Available as soon as it is released in the Game Pass: Infernax tells the adventures of a great knight who returns to his native land and finds it under the influence of a sinister and mysterious force. In your quest to locate and destroy the source of this corruption, you will face ruthless creatures, dangerous beasts and a precarious environment.


  • Grounded: Into the Wood Update – Available

Explore the depths of the termite lair, roam the scorching remains of the barbecue, and test your skills against new “friends” in an expanded version of the garden with Grounded’s Into the Wood update!

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator: Seventh World Update, Australia – Available

Enjoy Australia with new aerial imagery, high-resolution elevation maps and 3-dimensional cities. Fly over the famous Great Barrier Reef, admire modern architectural feats, mid-country deserts, and new airports and hand-modeled landmarks. This free update also includes new discovery flights, landing challenges and bush trips, which showcase this beautiful place. Learn more about this update by reading our article!

Benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Claim these new Benefits in the section of the same name on your Xbox console, Windows PC or via the mobile application for iOS and Android.

  • Smite: Season 9 Starter Pass – Available

Kick off Season 9 of Smite in the best possible way with this Starter Pass! It includes skins as well as free gods and more.

  • World of Warships: Exclusive Starter Pack – Available

Get this pack for World of Warships to take control of the Dreadnought and Charleston and benefit from impressive firepower! You’ll also get a week of Premium playtime, for added convenience.

  • Phantasy Star Online 2: February Monthly Member Bonus – February 2

Get a head start with free items to strengthen your units like your weapons and get back on your feet during battles!

They leave us on February 15

Don’t let the following games go without giving them a proper goodbye. This is an opportunity to unlock the Achievements you are missing or to resume your game where you left off. As always, take advantage of the members-only discount to keep these games in your library for up to 20% off!

  • control (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • Code Vein (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (Console & PC)
  • The Medium (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • Project Winter (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • The Falconeer (Cloud, Console & PC)

As always, you can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to take advantage of all the services for €12.99 per month.

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