Xbox Series S: For 180 euros on eBay, but this offer is even better on Prime Day


On Prime Day you can get the Xbox Series S for just under 180 euros on eBay as B-stock. We’ll tell you why another offer is even better.

The Xbox Series S is now particularly cheap. (Source: Netzwelt)

New game consoles are in great demand, not only the PS5 or the Xbox Series X, but also the slightly less powerful Xbox Series S can offer a lot of gaming fun and the device is often available for 270 to 290 euros. This is below the normal price of 300 euros.

You can currently buy the Xbox Series S for 178 euros on eBay. But it is B-stock, so it could be a return or a demonstration unit.

We find another offer better

The offer looks tempting. Before you buy, you should think twice. A return is accepted with the offer, but you can also get used Series S devices for around 160 euros.

at Euronics Buy Xbox Series S*


That’s why we think the current offer from Euronics is better. There you can get the Xbox Series S for 244 euros, which is really cheap, because the device is rarely available in new condition for less than 260 euros.

So if you don’t want to ask yourselves whether the B-stock from eBay arrives in a not-so-nice condition, then perhaps take the strongly discounted console from Euronics. Shipping is even free.

Another note for the retro friends among you: An Xbox Series S can also be set up as the ultimate emulator machine.

Amazon Prime Day with many offers

If you’re currently looking to buy more products and save money, you should also check out Amazon Prime Day, which runs from July 12-13, 2022.

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