Yann Moix: "selfish", "unconscious" … his words on confinement do not pass: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

"It’s the first time we’ve been afraid to leave our homes because of an illness that causes 0.005% of deaths in the population", dropped Yann Moix, causing an uproar on the Web. Indeed, the polemicist, former columnist of Laurent Ruquier, was the guest of the show Punchline broadcast on CNews Friday April 17, 2020 and he did not hesitate to thwart the decisions of the French government in full live. Despite the disastrous numbers of deaths in France from the aftermath of Covid-19, Yann Moix "does not understand why humans are incapable of facing death." But that's not all.

Yann Moix concedes, his opinion on containment is "absolutely not orthodox". However, the 52-year-old writer believes he has certain arguments in his favor: "That is to say that the probability that I die of the virus would come last in the causes of mortality, but that is why I do not go out. I do not understand why the human being is incapable of facing death on leaving home is a complete mystery to me, I do not understand the global panic there is about this virus", he said, faced with the surprised airs of the editorialists present on the set of CNews.

"A human being between 18 and 70 years old has the freedom to leave his home, to live, to take the risk of dying"

Very upset about the confinement, Yann Moix hit the nail on the head: "Obviously, from the age of 70, you have to be careful, you have to be cloistered, you have to entrench yourself, you have to confine yourself, but I think that a human being between 18 and 70 years old has the freedom to leave his home, to live, that is to say to take the risk of dying", he said live from his home. For Internet users seated in front of their television sets, these words are simply intolerable: "Zero altruism, zero citizenship. To stack up", "I just want you, through your fault, your egocentricity and your inconsistency, not to put in danger of death the man I love" or "There are caregivers who fight every day to save lives and then there is Yann Moix and his disproportionate ego." For others, the opinion of Yann Moix is ​​that "of a large number of French people." Ball in the center.

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