“You dared ?” : this decision taken by Nathalie Marquay which had taken Jean-Pierre Pernaut by surprise: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Nathalie Marquay is very attached to her dogs: two German shepherds named Idem and Lkim. If the former beauty queen absolutely wanted a dog, Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who died in March 2022, was not really keen on the idea. Seeing the years go by, it was after six years of marriage that Nathalie Marquay took the plunge! Lou and Tom’s mother bought a German Shepherd, the dog she had dreamed of for years, behind her husband’s back. At the time, she decides to go get the adorable puppy and surprise Jean-Pierre Pernaut upon returning to their home. “My favorite dogs have always been German shepherds and Jean-Pierre says to me: ‘Out of the question, a German shepherd’and I’m stubborn, I tell myself that anyway, I’m going to do it behind his back and I will bring back this little ball of fur, I know my little Jean-Pierre, he won’t tell me anythingshe confided to the cameras of the show In good companybroadcast Saturday February 24, 2024.

Nathalie Marquay: the queen of surprises

After buying his first dog, named Idem, Nathalie Marquay surprises her husband : “I arrive in the evening, Jean-Pierre had already returned from work and he says: ‘How cute he is! Is it a beauceron? It’s what ?’I do : ‘Well no, it’s a German shepherd’he makes me : ‘But you’re crazy, I’m afraid of German shepherds’. Determined, Nathalie Marquay finds the words to reassure Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who does not take long to fall under the spell of this adorable doggie. “Listen to me carefully Jean-Pierre, a German shepherd can be trained very well, it’s extremely intelligent, there’s no reason. And then, it was also her great love for Jean-Pierre.”, she remembered.

A few years later, Nathalie Marquay wants to adopt another German shepherd. She then uses the same technique as the first time and surprises Jean-Pierre Pernaut with a hairball. This time, Jean-Pierre Pernaut does not fail to express his surprise: Did you get a second dog? You dared ? But you are not possible, he would have told him. But, over time, the journalist accepts the arrival of this new life companion: “In the end, he saw that it was going really well and it was so cute. And Jean-Pierre also loved animalshe was the sugar daddy with his dogs.”

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