“You have always done Europe good”: Celebrities bow to Merkel

“You have always done Europe good”
Celebrities bow to Merkel

Tomorrow the final farewell is imminent: If Scholz is elected Chancellor, Merkel will step down for good. Her era lasted 16 years, she saw many politicians come and go. Celebrities and even former opponents and say goodbye to the “titan of international diplomacy”.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has honored the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel as the “Titan of international diplomacy”. In a guest article for the “Bild” newspaper, Johnson wrote: “Compared with all other European heads of state and government in this century, she has certainly made the greatest contribution on the international stage, and I am convinced that her legacy will shape future generations. ” With the planned election of Olaf Scholz as Chancellor, the Merkel era will end on Wednesday after 16 years in the Chancellery.

As a farewell, other companions such as the former EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Ex-Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, the former Hessian Prime Minister Roland Koch and the former Bavarian Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber wrote guest articles in the newspaper. Juncker regrets that Merkel is disappearing from the “European screen”. “You will be remembered exceptionally well. You have always done Europe good.”

Gabriel wrote that Angela Merkel would “go down in history as an important Chancellor. Because she has kept this country and with it Europe stable and on course”. He added: “Even when seated, the German head of government exuded more political power than many who stood and posed in front of her in apparent size.”

Koch wrote that Germany owes Merkel that the time since reunification has not only been shaped by West German perspectives. Stoiber called Merkel a “public servant in the best sense of the word”. Its reputation is “unsurpassed in Europe and the world, even if the EU has not followed all of its demands for a strong Europe”.

The Bundestag Vice-President Wolfgang Kubicki took the opportunity to also exercise criticism: In his opinion, she had not mastered some crises so well. “Your optimistic ‘we can do this’ left the question unanswered as to what was meant by the ‘that’ we would do.” Even in the Corona crisis, he often had a different opinion.

Celebrities from sports and culture also said goodbye in the “Bild” with personal words. The former figure skater Katarina Witt wrote: “For me you were a reliable rock in the global political surf, hardworking and tireless.” Singer Peter Maffay wrote: “You were admirably incorruptible – neither applause nor privilege could tempt you.”

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