“You will love mom forever”: Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine makes rare confidences about her children: Current Woman The MAG


It is a moment that some parents wait for, but all fear: the day their offspring will leave the family cocoon. From precocious children to the Tanguy, this separation remains an inevitable stage. This is the subject of Philippe Besson's new novel, entitled The last child, published on January 7, 2021 by Julliard editions. In this book, the author tells the story of a woman, devastated by the departure of her youngest son, who must learn to rebuild herself outside of his role as a mother. Thursday January 21, Philippe Besson visited the set of C to you to evoke this new work inspired by his personal experience. “You know very well that I liked it, because I pointed it out to you ", launches the presenter of the show, who is also a fan of the novelist.

Anne-Elisabeth, mother of two boys, apprehends their departure from the house

You knew that you were going to have a captive audience, that all mothers in France would go to this book and identify with it! ", continues Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. And of course, the host herself being the mother of two boys – Arthur (17) and Vasco (7), whom she only talks about on very rare occasions – she also immediately identified with the protagonist of the novel. “I read it on the plane, I cried, reveals Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. In front of the cameras France 5, she couldn't help but think about her sons.

I even got up, rushed, to hug my kids and say, 'You'll love mom forever, you'll never leave'… ”, she says on the set of C to you. Unfortunately, his boys didn't have the expected reaction! “They said to me, 'Yes yes mom, let us watch the movie', laughs Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. A tender confidence to find in our video above.

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