Your love horoscope for the month of September 2021

Back to school is just around the corner … But what about love? Here is your love horoscope for the month of September 2021.

The end of September (from the 22nd) will be auspicious for single Aries; you who dream of a little stability (and it is rare enough to be underlined), your wish may well be granted. There is only one way for you to meet your soul mate on a date! At the afterwork bar, in the park for a jogging session or at the cinema between two commercials, it’s time to get your sanitary pass.

Dear Taureans, do not play the mijaurées, we all know very well that you are a great romantic! It must be said that the influence of Libra (your friend sign) in Venus (your master planet) until September 10 gives a huge boost to your sex appeal. Whether you like it or not, you are irresistible. And even when you play the Earth signs a bit grumpy, you gently let yourself be fooled by a “supposedly” harmless crush.

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Just like our friends the Aries, it is the end of September that will offer the most adventures for single Geminis (maybe there is a connection to be made?). In any case, now is the time to take action. Only Gemini in a relationship will have to think twice; between dubious jokes and derogatory reflections, the latter could be severely repackaged by their beloved. So we concentrate, and we avoid playing 15-year-olds.

Finally, the storm disappears (literally)! The hearts of our friends the Cancers have not ceased to be wandered all summer long. Between love disappointments and household scenes, none of them was spared. But this month of September is a godsend for the heart, because great projects are being considered for lovers. Purchase, union, baby, move, travel… There are no longer any taboo subjects. Singles, for their part, will finally be able to rely on people they trust to move forward. It will simply be necessary to learn to accept the outstretched hands.

It is well known, the Leo is a sign with great values, and this start of the 2021 school year will only prove it once again. No more butterflies, no more flirtations, no more Tinder and other Happns. The Lion now relies on meetings like a “very American and very romantic film” (enough to fill his daily life with great moments of euphoria). And even if everyone laughs at him, he could well start the fall on the arm of his sweetheart… And OCD!

If there’s one thing Virgos have dreamed of this year, it’s being in a relationship. This September will be the right month; from the first week until the 11th, all odds are on their side for an unexpected encounter to emerge. An old acquaintance, an ex, the cousin of your dentist’s neighbor or even a Sagittarius, they will have to expect anything, but especially anything. In a Relationship, it will be necessary to bet on the pepper and the seduction to rekindle the flame which begins (perhaps) to die out. Don’t panic, Virgo friends, you know how to take the lead, especially when no one is expecting it.

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The planet Venus may well leave Libra on September 10, but there are still four weeks of pure madness for them. It’s time to slalom between your crushes, to sail from night to night, but above all to have fun. None of your conquests are alike, no attachment to the horizon, in short, paradise. Libra in love, they will have to remain vigilant: some parasitic ideas could worry them about the progress of their relationship. Fortunately, the planet Venus is watching, and quickly puts them back on the right track.

Unfortunately, back to school isn’t always a good time for everyone, and certainly not for the Scorpions (at least this year). You are not in a mood conducive to good encounters, nor to encounters all the way… So see it more as a new vacation. It’s time to take care of yourself, your problems, your desires, even the top secret projects that you have been idealizing in your corner for a few months. With a rested mind and projects completed, there will always be a better chance of finding love.

The first half of September will not be the most restful for Sagittarians. As a couple, misunderstandings are in order and communication has remained on vacation. Remember one thing; You may be independent, but being in a relationship generally involves being more than two people and therefore letting the other do the talking. The hearts to be taken will be luckier. Around September 23-24, a very nice meeting is looming. What to make them pass a month without incident, where tenderness and calm are the key words.

Your self-confidence has taken a little hit, and it’s having an impact on your romantic relationships. In a relationship, you can no longer trust, and that could drive your partner completely nuts. You know it ; you don’t have to worry, but it’s stronger than you. Fortunately, from September 20, everything is back to normal. If you have a heart to take, do not bet on this back to school 2021 and instead focus on the beginning of December … This is just advice.

Aquarius friends, you need time and paradoxically you would like it to go faster (even us, it is difficult to understand). By playing on two counts, you lose yourself but you also lose your half. Stop looking for the little beast where you ALREADY know you won’t find it. Singles, you bet on the reheated. One, two, three exes is starting to add up to a lot, don’t you think? We can never tell you enough, eating a slice of bread that has fallen on the floor is rarely a good idea.

It might be a bit of a boat, but the only way you can bargain hunt this month is to be yourself. You need so little to please, so don’t bother doing “too much” (unless it’s for fun). Many pleasant surprises await you, such as unexpected little touches, impromptu outings or new projects. And this goes for solo Pisces as well as for Pisces in love! The latter will however be able to benefit from an incredible fluidity in their exchanges, it is the right time to make an official request or to receive it …