Yvonne Schröder and Tim Kister: "We always wanted a third child"

Yvonne Schröder and Tim Kister
"We always wanted a third child"

Model Yvonne Schröder and soccer star Tim Kister are looking forward to their offspring.

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Ex- "GNTM" star Yvonne Schröder is pregnant for the third time. "We always wanted a third child," says the 34-year-old happily.

Surprise: Model Yvonne Schröder (32) and soccer star Tim Kister (33) are parents for the third time. For the couple it is an absolute dream child: "We always wanted a third child," said the "GNTM" runner-up from 2006 happily.

But behind the couple lies a difficult time: Kister fell ill with Corona about a month ago. "I went straight into isolation," said the defender from the second division soccer club SV Sandhausen. Nevertheless, of course, he had thought: "What if my children or my pregnant wife are infected?" How he is doing today and how the couple is dealing with the pregnancy in the middle of the corona pandemic, the two tell in a double interview with the news agency spot on news.

They are expecting offspring for the third time. Was the pregnancy planned?

Yvonne Schröder: The pregnancy was absolutely planned and wanted, we always wanted a third child.

How long did you "work" on the sibling?

Schröder: It was a small miracle. We weren't looking for ovulation, we tried and it worked right away.

How are you feeling right now? Do you have any complaints?

Schröder: I feel very good right now. At the beginning of the pregnancy I had to struggle with nausea and other symptoms from time to time.

How did you announce the good news to your husband?

Schröder: On this day, parcels arrived. I carefully opened one from the bottom so that it looked unopened from the top and put a small box with the positive pregnancy test inside. As a result, he was absolutely clueless what he was opening.

What was the first thought that crossed your mind?

Tim Kister: At first I was mega surprised and speechless, because I absolutely did not expect it. The package gave no indication either. I would never have thought that it would work so quickly. But I was overjoyed.

Your son is seven years old, your daughter five: do they already know?

Kister: Yes, our children received a video message from Santa Claus on December 6th, in which he announced it to them. Unfortunately, due to Corona, he couldn't come in person. With the words: "When I come to you next year, you will no longer be two, but three. Because mom has a baby in her stomach." The joy of the two was huge.

Do you already know the gender?

Schröder: No, we don't know that yet.

You contracted Corona about a month ago, how are you now?

Kister: I'm fine now. I can train normally and don't feel any consequences of the illness.

How big was the fear of infecting your pregnant wife?

Kister: Since we are constantly being tested because of my job as a soccer player, my infection was discovered quickly. I went straight into isolation. Of course, people still thought about what if my children or my pregnant wife were infected? Fortunately, they were spared.

How much did your husband's illness bother you?

Schröder: At first we were shocked by the diagnosis, concern came next. You never know how the disease will go.

Are you afraid of being pregnant during the corona pandemic?

Schröder: Since it was planned, we knew what we were getting into.

In 2018 you ended your family break to start again as a model, are you now giving up your career?

Schröder: Absolutely not, as soon as my husband quits football, we would like to do more on TV.

Is that now the end of family planning?

Kister: At this point, yes.

How are you going to spend the holidays this year?

Schröder: We'll be celebrating with a small family this year.