10 mistakes not to make with your eyelashes

Lashes are a definite highlight of the look, and when they flaunt satisfying length and create full-volume bangs, they can totally transform it. But for them to give us perfect doe eyes, we still need to take care of them on a daily basis. Let’s take stock of the mistakes that are damaging them, especially not to make, and discover our tips for adopting good habits!

Mistake number 1: not removing your eyelashes

If it is sometimes difficult to find the courage to find your makeup remover and cottons (reusable if possible) at late hours to remove our make-up before going to bed, this step is however essential to keep pretty eyelashes. Like the skin, the eyelashes indeed need to be freed from the formulas of make-up products regularly, otherwise they risk being weakened in the long term. So we stop just washing your face and let your eye make-up run overnight – or worse, skip the make-up removal – and take the time to remove your eye makeup every night before go to bed !

Mistake number 2: only use waterproof mascara

Very useful for keeping a perfect fringe of eyelashes whatever the outside temperatures or our emotions, waterproof mascara is not the best choice for everyday eyelash makeup. The formulas of these stubborn mascaras are indeed more drying for the eyelashes than those of classic mascaras, in order, precisely, to ensure this foolproof hold. Applied to the fringe of lashes every day, so they could end up damaging your lashes more than embellishing them. Small additional drawback: they are less easy to remove and therefore promote poor makeup removal to make matters worse. So choose traditional mascaras for your daily makeup and keep these water-resistant mascaras for occasions that really require it.

Mistake number 3: rubbing too much when removing makeup

While it is important to remove eyelash makeup every night, be careful not to do it randomly and not to rub too hard on your eyelashes to remove your mascara! Otherwise, this beauty action for the eyelashes could quickly become counterproductive … Keep in mind that you must allow the makeup remover time to act on the formulas of your makeup products, whatever the make-up removal method used (oil-based make-up removal by hand or classic cotton make-up removal).
The right gesture? Place your cotton pads soaked in make-up remover (or the pads of your fingers coated with cleansing oil) on your eyelashes and wait a few seconds before gently sliding the cotton (or your fingers) along your eyelashes. Make a movement starting from the roots of the eyelashes to go towards their tips in order to correctly remove all the makeup without having to rub. If necessary, you can finalize the make-up removal by passing your cotton pad soaked in make-up remover under the fringe of the eyelashes to remove the remaining residues. With this technique, no more eyelashes that fall out during makeup removal!

Mistake number 4: abusing eyelash enhancement

If the mascara does not give you a sufficient effect and you want a more lasting solution than false eyelashes, beauty salon lashes – like eyelash extensions – are ideal to magnify the fringe of lashes for several weeks. If theoretically, it is possible to chain the poses, in reality it is especially important to be attentive · ve · s to the way in which your eyelashes react. Some, more fragile than others, tend to be damaged over the installation of extensions. It is therefore important to take a break of a few months before proceeding with a new installation of eyelash extensions to avoid weakening them too much.

Mistake number 5: using your eyelash curler after applying mascara

If the eyelash curler is a perfect beauty tool to offer a nice curvature to our eyelashes when they are straight or slightly curved naturally, it can quickly become the torture accessory (which it looks a bit like) for our eyelashes when misused. Indeed, it is important not to pinch your eyelashes with it, once you have put on your mascara! The reason ? Once the makeup that coats your lashes has dried, it hardens the lashes which may then break under the pressure exerted by the lash curler (instead of just curling as they should). Think about it the next time you use your eyelash curler and only use it on your well-cleansed lashes before applying mascara!

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Mistake number 6: plucking your false eyelashes

Perfect for getting doe eyes in the blink of an eye, fake eyelash fringes must however be removed properly so that they do not damage your natural lashes. In the end, they are a bit like false nails on your natural nails. This is why you should especially not pull with a sudden gesture when removing them, at the risk of tearing your natural eyelashes in the process because they are stuck to your false eyelashes.
The right method? Generously moisten two cotton pads with makeup remover and apply them to the false eyelashes (without rubbing) for several seconds, while the product dissolves the false eyelash glue. Only then can you start to carefully remove false eyelash fringes. First peel off the false eyelashes at the outer corner of the eye, then very gently pull the false eyelash fringe to gently remove it. Once the false eyelashes are removed, clean your natural eyelashes to remove any remaining glue.

Mistake number 7: skipping care

Just like skin and hair, eyelashes also need to be pampered with the right products to stay healthy (at least every now and then). If ever your eyelashes are drooping more than usual or getting brittle, it’s time to come to the rescue with fortifying eyelash treatments. Designed to hydrate and nourish eyelashes, they also have the advantage of making them grow faster and make them longer, thicker, and above all, stronger. They come in the form of mascaras that are easily applied along the lashes like makeup, and liquid liners that apply to the root of the lashes. You will see, in a cure of a few weeks, their formulas work miracles on damaged eyelashes. And if you are a fan of more natural care, castor oil will be your ally and will gladly replace it.

Eyelash care to adopt:

Mistake number 8: using the wrong makeup remover

If you still need to scrub while removing makeup using the right methodology and gestures, then you may just not be using the right product to remove eyelash makeup. Micellar water suitable for the entire face is certainly practical, but it is sometimes insufficient to remove stubborn mascaras and waterproof makeup. Result: to compensate, we see ourselves obliged to rub and leave a few eyelashes there … But it is not for nothing that there are specific make-up removal products for the sensitive eye area. These makeup removers are generally equipped with more oily formulas that dissolve makeup better to facilitate removal and allow ultra-gentle make-up removal from the eyes (and eyelashes). So don’t hesitate to swap your multifunction makeup remover for a more suitable product.

Mistake number 9: using expired mascara

It’s a fact that we are often neglected when it comes to the expiration dates of our makeup products. Unless you sort it out regularly, it quickly happens to use an expired mascara, quite simply because the tube is not empty because you do not wear makeup every day. However, it is a real concern when you make up your eyes with an expired mascara because the already dry formula of the product, does not take care of the eyelashes and hinders the application. It thus tends to make bundles that stick the eyelashes together and increase the risk of inadvertently tearing, whether when trying to fix the makeup that clogs or to remove the packages in the evening for that matter. And that’s without counting on the most important risk: that of bacteria that could irritate your eyes or worse. In short, it is clearly a mistake that should never be made again.

Mistake number 10: rubbing your eyes

It may be a mechanical reflex when eye fatigue sets in or when cleaning your face, rubbing your eyes doesn’t help the irritation of peepers, does not make washing more efficient and is clearly not good. for eyelashes. The first risk: tearing eyelashes involuntarily. A word of advice, so avoid at all costs these sudden rubbing on your eyelashes on a daily basis if you want to keep a full fringe of eyelashes.

You will see, breaking these bad habits into good ones can be a real game-changer for beautiful lashes naturally.

Grow your eyelashes with castor oil!

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