10 Unforgettable Cartoon Villains From Our Childhood

From Gargamel from “Smurfs” to Doctor Gang from “Inspector Gadget” via General Hydargos from “Goldorak” and the detestable Lavinia from “Princess Sarah”, focus on 10 unforgettable villains from cartoons from our childhood.

We loved to hate them in the 80s and 90s. They are Gargamel, Doctor Gang, General Hydargos, Gaspard and Gomez or even Lavinia Herbert, unforgettable villains from the cartoons of our childhood. We invite you to find 10 (or even a little more) in a slideshow that smells of nostalgia.

Skeletor in “Masters of the Universe”


In the animated series Masters of the Universe, there was of course the hero Musclor. But there was also a big villain whose simple name, Skeletor, is 100% cult. Objective of this sinister character who dreams of taking control of the planet Eternia: to seize the Castle of Shadows inhabited by the Witch. As a reminder, it was a certain Gérard Hernandez who lent his voice to the bad-guy in the French version of the series.

Gargamel in “The Smurfs”


Everyone knows the evil Gargamel! Sworn enemy of the friendly Smurfs, this bald wizard, a little hunchbacked and always accompanied by his cat Azraël, lives in the forest with only one dream in mind: to capture the little blue heroes of Peyo. We know it well, and we revel in it, he will never manage to catch the Smurfs and will continue, again and again, to curse “I will avenge myself ! And my revenge will be terrible!”

Doctor Gang in “Inspector Gadget”


Of him, we only see a black arm, a metallic glove and a gold bracelet. But never his face… Hidden behind his imposing seat, always accompanied by his faithful cat and remotely controlling the actions of his agents using his computer, the Machiavellian Doctor Gang fascinated all those who grew up watching the drawing animated Inspector Gadget. One of the most cult villains on the small screen!

Gaspard and Gomez in “The Mysterious Cities of Gold”

MK Production

Gaspard and Gomez are the first villains that Esteban and his friends, the heroes of the Mysterious Cities of Gold, meet on their way. The duo, at the head of Spanish conquistadors, led by the mighty Pizarro, inevitably have a little something golden in mind… Guess what?

Lavinia in “Princess Sarah”

Nippon Animation / Aniplex

Ah, how we hated Lavinia Herbert in the cult series Princess Sarah! Boarder, like the nice heroine, this little blonde girl, whose dad made a fortune in the oil industry, is very jealous of Sarah. Egocentric, cold, arrogant, sly, in short, totally unsympathetic, Lavinia engages in a real contest of wickedness with the formidable director Mademoiselle Mangin.

General Hydargos in “Goldorak”

Toei Animation

In the cult animated series Grendizer, our intergalactic hero crosses paths with many enemies. But there is one that immediately comes to mind, more than others: the terrible General Hydargos. It must be said that this brutal humanoid, force of Vega who operates under the orders of Minas, has a real villain’s face! No ?

Sylvester in “Titi and Sylvester”

Warner Bros. Animation

What a treat, again and again, to witness all the strategems of the cat Sylvestre, better known as Sylvester, to capture the little yellow canary Titi. Obviously, throughout the episodes of the cult series, he never succeeds, and that’s what’s funny, especially when Grandma and the dog Hector put extra sticks in his paws! We take the opportunity to quote, in the same style, the adventures of Tom and Jerry, who sees the first, a cat, trying to catch the second, a mouse.

Coyote in “Beep Beep and Coyote”

Warner Bros.

Here again, we witness, delighted, the timeless concept of the bad guy who tries by all means to capture the good guy but fails each time! In the very cartoonish adventures of Bib Bip and Coyote, the latter nevertheless puts a lot of heart into the work and inventiveness to try to catch the very fast blue bird. The series is already more than seven decades old, but it hasn’t aged a bit and is still just as hilarious.

Frieza in “Dragon Ball Z”


In the cult Japanese series Dragon Ball Z, there is a REAL villain character: the terrible Frieza, whose path Son Goku has to cross. Having under his orders an entire army, this extraterrestrial is distinguished by his power, his cruelty and his lack of scruples. Let’s not forget to mention here Cell and Boo, other great antagonists of Dragon BallZ.

The Emperor of Space in “Captain Flam”

Toei Animation

At the start of the cult cartoon Captain Flam, our hero faces the terrible Emperor of Space, a character who has the ability to dematerialize. His goal is a real villain’s goal, a real classic: he wants to conquer the Earth. But Captain Flam and his comrades are determined not to see this disastrous plan materialize.

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