2.5 million for the Kobra – “Storm has long been on the move in other spheres!”

The king’s transfer from Graz this summer is a done deal: The Ilzer team allows “penalty cobra” Wlodarczyk to pay a whopping 2.5 million euros! According to sports director Andreas Schicker, the black squad is taking shape. And the next rain of money is soon in store for the runner-up.

Called a local player advisor a few days ago: “Sturm is looking for players in this and that position, do you have anything?” The answer was short and sweet: “No, Grazers have long been on the move in other spheres.” This also underlines transfer number three : For the Polish U21 team striker Szymon Wlodarczyk, Sturm rumored to have paid 2.5 million euros, including a resale clause, according to the Polish media, three million are due. The 20-year-old is the second most expensive purchase in the history of the club (after Charles Amoah, 3.93 million). The blacks can afford it, thanks to brilliant transfers in the last three years, the war chest is well stocked. If Andreas Schicker has had the right nose again, then the new number nine will bring in a multiple of the purchase price. He has his advantages in the penalty area, can break the last line and has a good pace,” said the sporting director. Now it’s time to continue to develop the talent. “Szymon has exciting approaches, we can develop him well.” Should Emegha make the fly, they will strike again in attack. Schicker: “Then we would add speed.” New goalkeeper, new six and a new penalty area cobra – the black shopping cart has been filled. “The squad is taking shape,” Schicker nods with satisfaction. Now all that’s missing is a right-back. “We’re working, we still have plenty of time. There are also exciting players at the end of a transfer period.” The object of desire has been back at the camp in Bad Waltersdorf since Friday. Where Emanuel Emegha’s journey will go in this transfer period is unclear. “Ema has several options. Among them are huge clubs, where he would certainly not get much playing time,” explains sporting director Andreas Schicker. Maybe the youngster will hang on to the Mur for another season. Unlikely. In any case, Sturm has all the trumps in his hand and the poker can begin. And he will bring Sturm millions again. The devils call, as in the previous year, Rasmus Höjlund, who was committed for almost two million euros and was sold to Atalanta Bergamo for 17 million just seven months later. Now the 20-year-old Dane is about to take the next big step in his career, moving to Manchester United is imminent. The Red Devils want to pay a whopping 58 million euros for Höjlund. Sturm nibbles thanks to a resale clause, rakes in another three million. Be embraced, millions!
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