“2 Fallout projects in preparation” Microsoft and Bethesda are not going to let the goose that lays the golden eggs die

Game news “2 Fallout projects in preparation” Microsoft and Bethesda are not going to let the goose that lays the golden eggs die

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You are no doubt aware that the Fallout license is on everyone’s lips. Between the television series and the video games, there is a lot to talk about at the moment. Several things are happening on the side of Bethesda and Microsoft, since at least 2 projects are under development.

During a recent interview, Todd Howard, the boss of Bethesda, spoke about two projects unknown to the general public. And these concern fallout. These projects, still kept secret, are in development and should see their production accelerate following the recent performance of the license with spectators and players alike. Six years later Fallout 76what is Bethesda And Microsoft prepare?

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What’s next for Fallout

Almost a decade since Fallout 4fan fervor is at its highest thanks to the crazy success of the series fallout of Amazon Prime. And while it’s clear that it will be a while (to put it mildly) before any new games are released, It looks like Bethesda actually has two unannounced Fallout projects in the works: Fallout 5 and the remaster of Fallout 3.

This was during a recent interview with Kinda Funny Games as Todd Howard, of Bethesda Game Studiosdiscussed several things: the general roadmap of Bethesda for the franchise falloutthe second season of the series, the mobile title Fallout Shelterbut also the current updates for Fallout 76. It is after this little information that Todd Howard actually mentioned two unspecified and still unannounced projects.

Some speculations

The director of Bethesda Game Studios tells us this:

When will season 2 take place? What do we do on mobile? What do we do in Fallout 76? What do we do with this. What do we do with this. And when do they arrive? Again, if I could snap my fingers and have them all ready, I would. But the main thing is how to deliver them at a high level of quality. It’s always the most important. Todd Howard

This little text reveals to us that in reality, projects are indeed under development. That said, Todd Howard remains very vague in order to undoubtedly maintain the suspense, but also to ensure that nothing is revealed too quickly. However, the project Fallout 5 should take time to arrive, since the studio is working on its other flagship saga with Elder Scrolls VI.

The second project, the remaster of Fallout 3should see the light of day more quickly given the documents that were accidentally revealed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a public agency that deals with consumer rights and commercial practices. If these accidental revelations prove true, it is the financial year of 2024 which is targeted, this month of June more precisely. Two big projects that promise a bright future for the saga. We hope, however, that Microsoft will not want to move too quickly.

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