3 life mistakes that I would have loved to never have made

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I made 3 mistakes in my life that I really regret

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Yes, our mistakes make us who we are. However, our author has made three mistakes in her life that she deeply regrets – and therefore does not wish anyone else …

To be honest, I’m usually a huge fan of mistakes. I have probably learned most of the important things I know today from mistakes. They are just so beautifully imprinted in the memory – once committed a painful mistake, whoosh, the lesson learned forever! But do you really always have to make all mistakes yourself? When I look back in my life like this, three mistakes occur to me that I dearly wish I never had to make …

3 big mistakes in life that I don’t wish for anyone

1. I thought I had to work all the time

One of the most serious mistakes of my life! For some reason (maybe our performance society …?) I thought for years that I absolutely had to achieve something and always function in order to be worth something – and I lived accordingly … It’s such nonsense! After all, I am human and not a corkscrew. I don’t serve a clearly defined purpose – and if I fulfill it, my life has meaning. No, it’s not that simple. My life is not a race and the straight path is not the best!

Today I know that I give myself my meaning and purpose to myself anyway – through the relationships I have, the experiences I have, and yes, through my successes, but also my mistakes and failures. And that I just have a good time and enjoy the sun. I very much wish I had known all of this from the start! Because since I allow myself weaknesses and breaks and get my self-worth from more than my performance, I live sooooo much happier! And ironically, it makes me “function” even better …

Signs that you don't love yourself: A young woman is hiding under her sweater

2. I invested my energy in the wrong people

Perhaps the most painful mistake of my life. For years I tried very hard to help people who didn’t love, appreciate or respect me as I wished. Why? Because I just wanted to please everyone! I thought if I tried hard enough, I could convince everyone of myself. Well, you thought wrong! The more I bent and worked hard for others, the less I was valued (funny …).

The deeply tragic thing about it: With all this “wanting to please everyone”, I neglected and disappointed the people who loved me for who I am. Who would never expect me to change for them Unfortunately, one of these people is no longer alive today … That’s why it breaks my heart every day that I didn’t start earlier to shit on people who don’t appreciate me – and instead devote my energy to people who do it.

3. I underestimated my feelings

I am an incredibly emotional person! My feelings are an important part of who I am – after all, no one else feels exactly what I feel. They are also the best signposts ever! Unfortunately, I didn’t want to admit it for a long time … Most of all, I always wanted to somehow derive everything logically, look at it as objectively as possible and decide. Totally stupid! Because:

  1. Super exhausting, suppressing feelings and thinking through every little thing.
  2. Completely illusory – life is simply not logical, or my mental abilities are simply not enough by far to understand everything!
  3. So exhausting!
  4. It is precisely my subjectivity that makes me so unique and irreplaceable – why do I want to be objective?
  5. So exhausting!!
  6. If you ignore feelings, sooner or later it will take its toll – bad!
  7. (You guessed it 🙂 exhausting and zero fun!
  8. Since I’ve been paying attention to my feelings and following them and of course dealing with them when in doubt, I make much better decisions and live so much happier!

And so I wish I had never neglected my feelings!


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