3 reasons to share your fantasies with your partner

Do you itch to share your most secret fantasies with your partner? On the occasion of the release of the film “Les fantasmes”, at the cinema on Wednesday August 18, 2021, we come back to the advantages of sharing our desires with your partner, if you wish.

No doubt: fantasies, we all have them. And if it is easy for some to share them, for others, they are part of the little shame difficult to tell, a garden that we prefer to keep secret. Don’t panic: there is no obligation to share your desires with your partner. However, if you are itching to tell him about your most shameful desires, why not take the plunge?

The film Fantasies, directed by Stéphane and David Foenkinos, invites you. In theaters on Wednesday August 18, 2021, this feature film explores in six stories the desires, shared or not, of different couples. With a humor specific to these two directors, we discover the impact that these fantasies, all more improbable than the others, have on their sex lives and on each other’s understanding with their other half. Here is what this resolutely cynical and intelligent film teaches us on the subject.

Sharing your desires is building a climate of trust

If you feel good with your partner, don’t hesitate to tell them about it, the film tells us between the lines. This is what confirms sex therapist Sophie Genin on her account LinkedIn. “In a climate of trust and above all respect for others, anything is possible. On the other hand, if your partner absolutely does not share your fantasy, you will have to accept that it remains at the level of your imagination and does not happen in reality.” After all, are fantasies really meant to be fulfilled?

Fantasizing on a fantasy together is sometimes the foot

What if your desires remained an object of daydreaming? Contrary to what is too often believed, the fantasy does not necessarily have to be fulfilled. “He can lose his erotic and erogenous power”, even explains to Doctissimo Dr Laurent Karila, who continues: “It’s interesting to keep fantasizing about a fantasy.” Sharing them can, in fact, make it possible to establish a certain complicity between the partners and to increase the excitement. So, why not fantasize about two-way fantasies?

Having different fantasies about your partner is okay

If, on the contrary, you don’t have the opportunity to fantasize with your partner, that’s okay. As explained, a fantasy is not necessarily made to be realized and not having the same ones as your partner is not fatal for your relationship. The most important thing is to respect his consent on what is and is not feasible. In return, he also doesn’t have to judge the secret garden you invited him to. “Then let your imagination wander, and discuss other fantasies acceptable to both people”, recommends Sophie Genin on LinkedIn. The important thing is communication, to love each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

The film Fantasies, with Karin Viard, Monica Bellucci, Jean-Paul Rouve, Carole Bouquet, Alice Taglioni, Denis Podalydès, Nicolas Bedos, William Lebghil, Suzanne Clément or Ramzy Bedia, is released at the cinema on Wednesday August 18, 2021.

Article produced in partnership with Gaumont.

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