3 times Emma Mackey proved she was the coolest actress around


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On the bill for the film “Eiffel”, at the cinema on Wednesday August 25, 2021, Emma MacKey is an artist to follow absolutely. Here are three proofs.

We no longer introduce Emma MacKey, but we never tire of talking about it. At 25, the actress asserts herself as the new darling of both the small and the big screen. On Wednesday, August 25, 2021, we will see her play Adrienne in the film Eiffel, directed by Martin Bourboulon. Do you know the secrets behind the construction of the Eiffel Tower, known all over the world, but which almost never saw the light of day? The film, which is inspired by the experience of Gustave Eiffel, imagines the moment when his projects change when he sees his childhood sweetheart, Adrienne. Emma Mackey proves once again that she is the freshest actress of the moment.

We owe him the most inspiring character on the small screen

The most British Frenchy on the small screen (she has dual nationality) was revealed in Sex Education, on Netflix. She plays Maeve, a feminist character as cool as she is badass. His sarcasm and his repartee are already legendary, not to mention his intelligence, which she assumes more and more over the series. But, above all, Maeve, she is the girlfriend that everyone can count on. The bus scene will remain in our hearts forever …

She breaks the codes in “Eiffel”

The film Eiffel is above all the story of the woman who inspired the construction of the tower of the same name. Exit the famous engineer, in this film, it is a woman who does not respect bourgeois and patriarchal codes who is in the spotlight. Adrienne has a hell of a response and is not cold in the eyes, as evidenced by this scene where she dives fully dressed in the water without thinking what to say. A perfect character for Emma Mackey, a bubbly and free actress.

She is a committed actress

Emma Mackey is one of the feminist figures of the new generation. Upon the release of season 2 of Sex Education, Netflix released The little manual Sex Education in collaboration with the actress. Consent, gender identities and stereotypes are discussed. And, in order not to do things by halves, Emma Mackey was photographed by wonderful feminist artist Charlotte Abramow as part of the project. We can only adore it …

Eiffel, at the cinema on Wednesday August 25, 2021, directed by Martin Bourboulon, with Emma MacKey and Romain Duris.

Article produced in partnership with Pathé.

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