30 unique dish recipes signed Cyril Lignac for large tables: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Want to test a new recipe to delight your guests who come to dinner? The single dish is an interesting option when you like to open the festivities with a gourmet aperitif. It allows you to do without entry without sacrificing conviviality. Some recipes may wait warm until the aperitif ends. This is the case with stews, curries, tajines and even some white meat roasts. Others are prepared in advance and only require a final little round in the kitchen to be completed. Like for example the ratatouille with the broken egg. Once the vegetables are cooked and kept warm, all you have to do is break one egg per person and grill the dish for 2 minutes while eating. Now follow Cyril Lignac's unique dish recipes. Tested and approved, they are all good.

Single dish for 10 to 15 people

When there are many, the dishes to cook in the oven are ideal. Once cooked, they can be patiently patient in the oven (between 50 and 100 ° maximum otherwise it continues to cook). This is the case of small stuffed ones that we like to share in the summer, like stuffed tomatoes or eggplant. Banco also for gratin dishes such as lasagna or mince pie. You can adjust the quantities of the recipes and prepare two gratin dishes to stack in the oven. Serve with a nice green salad and the job is done.

Quick and easy single dish

To receive without spending hours cooking, do not hesitate to offer pasta. Cooked with fresh ingredients and lots of love, the pasta is as delicious as a more elaborate dish. We like them with tomatoes and beef balls, alle vongole with shells like in a restaurant and even Thai with the famous recipe of Pad Thai with chicken and shrimp by Cyril Lignac. Again, we will prepare most of the elements in advance, cutting and pre-cooking for the most part. Then just before serving, cook the pasta before mixing it with the other hot ingredients.

Cheap single dish

One of the most interesting options when you have a lot of people at the end of the month is to think about rice. We can perfectly prepare a large paella and adapt it to our budget. Without mussels or crayfish, the bill drops but the taste remains. Ditto for risottos. If the asparagus is going to delight him, this creamy rice lends itself to many variations, but in the rules of the art, it is recommended to cook it slowly for about fifteen minutes by wetting it as the broth. You receive and can not stay all this time in the kitchen? It’s not a problem. Start the recipe and start cooking the rice. Then stop it halfway through cooking to plan to relaunch it just before going to the table.

Unique fish dish: what to choose?

Another idea for large gourmet meals, the fish dish. Even if it turned into a nightmare during the live on M6, the exotic bouillabaisse of Cyril Lignac will surprise and delight your guests with its ginger and lemon accords. We also love our salmon with Thai broth. Again, it will suffice to prepare the plates at the last moment for a wow effect! Simpler, the fish in the oven to serve as is at the table. We bet your guests will steal directly from the dish!

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