35 ideas that will convince you to switch to ash brown for

The smokey effect is one of the biggest trends of the moment. While spring gives us the desire for lightness and naturalness, ash brown is the ideal coloring to illuminate your hair while giving it a very elegant iridescent and glossy side.

If the flamboyant colors such as copper and mahogany warmed our hair during the winter, this spring brings back more subtle and natural colorations, but just as luminous, up to date. The ashy colors are still as popular as the cocoa blonde which has been a real hit for several months. But one of the colorings that is about to revolutionize our hair is ash brown! This is not surprising because the smokey effect is a real must-have this season whether on our eyelids, our nails and even our hair.

When the beautiful days arrive, we tend to move towards golden and sunny reflections. However, to enhance a chestnut brown, warm tones aren’t the only options to explore! This year, we prefer ash, a cool tone that uses blue, green or purple pigments to create hair color that looks smoky and which thus tends towards gray or silver. The term ash does not refer to a coloring but to a reflection which gives the hair a glossy appearance, particularly elegant. Thus, we can have blond, chestnut, brown or even ash red!

Ash chestnut is a subtle blend of brown tones and gray tones that can sometimes even pull towards blue or purple to add dimension to the hair. Whether it’s delicate highlights to add a touch of freshness to the hair or a balayage for a real transformation, ash brown offers many possibilities for personalized coloring, all in perspective. So ready to try the smoky effect on your hair? We have selected 35 looks in pictures that should convince you to go to ash brown!

Is ash brown right for me?

The ash brown is a easy to wear color because it is delicate and subtle. In addition, this coloring is suitable for all skin tones and softens facial features.

Ash brown is particularly suitable for women with fair complexions. If you have a rather rosy skin or one which blushes easily, the ashy highlights are ideal for you because the red side will be neutralized by the cool hues of this hair color. This coloring highlights and illuminates light eyes, whether they are green, blue or even hazelnut. However, ash brown is also suitable for women with a dark or golden complexion as well as brown or brown eyes. In all cases, it brings softness to the face.

No matter your natural hair color, ash brown looks fabulous on both brunettes and blondes alike. It lightens brown hair by playing with shades of gray to give it a good dose of pizzazz while it elevates blonde hair by giving it more dimension and depth, while remaining very cool and a surprising strand.

An ashy brown color guarantees optimal coverage of gray hair especially if you are brunette. If you don’t have a lot of it, you can opt for a simple balayage that will subtly blend your gray hair into the rest of your locks and make it unnoticeable.

How to switch to ash brown?

If you are light brown, you will simply need to add ash highlights while if you are blonde you can immediately switch to ash brown color. On the other hand, if your hair is dark, you will probably have to think about the fading.

It is possible to proceed to a coloring at home opting for quality products, if possible without ammonia (Permanent Hair Color Light Ash Brown Pro Color, € 10.99, Schwarzkopf available at Monoprix). Note that there are also vegetable colors (Ash brown vegetable coloring, € 13.95, Khadi available on Onatera.com) to adopt the ash effect on your hair. All you have to do is choose the ash brown coloring of your choice and carry out an allergy test at least one day before applying the product to your hair. We put a little coloring behind his ear. If 24 hours after application there is no swelling or redness, you can start using your homemade color! Apply the product to all of the hair from root to ends and leave for the time indicated on the instructions. Nothing’s easier ! It is then rinsed thoroughly with clear water until it is transparent.

If you are brunette, you will need to bleach your hair before getting an ash brown. For this, there are discoloration kits (Blond ammonia-free bleach Olia, € 11.80, Garnier available on Amazon) which work like coloring kits. We read the instructions carefully before applying the product and do not forget to carry out the allergy test. Note that for bleaching, there is no plant option because this type of coloring does not lighten the hair.

However, we advise you to go to a hairdresser to achieve bleaching and / or coloring whether you are brunette or blonde to ensure a better result. A professional will know how to find the ideal color which will sublimate your complexion and which will best adapt to the natural shade of your hair. The ashy effect will only be more beautiful! Do not hesitate to show a photo of the desired result to your colorist so that he knows which mixture to apply on your hair.

How to maintain your ash brown?

The good news is that ash brown requires little maintenance! It evolves perfectly over time because it blends well into the hair and does not present yellow or red highlights unlike warmer colorings. Still, it’s important not to wet your hair for at least 72 hours after your hairstylist appointment so that the cuticle, the hair’s protective barrier, closes completely. The coloring will then be well fixed on the hair!

During your beauty routine, we use hair products suitable for colored hair which allow the color to last longer and contain UV protectors which protect the hair from the sun but also from the heat.

When you color your hair, especially with chemical coloring, the hair can get damaged. The straw effect very little for us! So, it is very important to nourish and hydrate it. For this, we choose a shampoo (Shampoo for colored hair with organic hibiscus and pomegranate, € 7.90, Mességué) and a conditioner specially formulated for colored hair (Color protective treatment for colored or highlighted hair Chromatic Fondant, € 23.90, Kérastase Paris available on jeanmarcjoubert.com). At least once a week, we integrate a nourishing mask (Organic radiance mask for colored and weakened hair, € 18.20, Neia available on Bleulibellule.com) to its beauty routine in order to nourish the hair in depth. It is possible to use natural alternatives to nourish and hydrate the hair. The aloe vera (Native organic aloe vera gel, from € 2.90, Aroma-zone), applesauce or yogurt restore and maintain hydration in the hair. Vegetable oils like coconut oil (Organic Coconut Oil, € 13.90, Waam Cosmetics) but also shea butter (Organic shea butter, € 9.50, Fleurance Nature) deeply nourish the hair.

Heat is one of the easiest and fastest factors to alter color. Thus, we vaporize his hair using a thermo-protective spray (Thermo-protective spray, € 20, GHD available at Sephora) before using heating devices such as hair dryers, straighteners or curlers. If we expose ourselves to the sun, we apply a protective treatment in oil or cream (SprayInvisible Solar Sublime Protector, € 24, L’Oréal Professional Paris available on laplateformeducoiffeur.com) all over the hair to avoid damaging its ash brown color.

Finally, to moisturize your hair on a daily basis, we recommend that you apply a “leave-in” cream to the lengths and ends, i.e. a leave-in treatment (3-in-1 Mega Cream Organic Vegan Orange Tree and Linseed Monoi Oil, € 5.49, Energy Fruit available on Santediscount.com). This cream retains water in the hair fiber which maintains the color longer. In addition, this treatment helps discipline the hair and provides flexibility and definition to the curls for dreamy ash brown hair!

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