4 reasons to sleep much more naked


Free yourself! In the video you can see why you can do without pajamas, nightgown and co. Psst! It’s not just about recreation …

According to a survey, only 12 percent of Germans prefer to sleep naked. It’s a pity, because there are very convincing reasons to do without pajamas, nightshirts and more. Incidentally, people used to think in the majority as well. It was not until the year 1500 that members of the Italian upper class started dressing at night – but only on cold nights.

So, make yourself free again! Here are 4 good reasons for naked nights.

1. Naked sleepers strengthen their relationship

A survey in England found that couples sleeping naked are “extremely happy” with their relationship (57 percent). By contrast, only 48 percent of the pajama wearers were. One explanation: The more skin contact, the more the body releases the hormone oxytocin. For example, couples are less likely to argue thanks to the “cuddle hormone”.

2. Naked sleepers sleep better

When falling asleep, our core body temperature drops by 1 to 1.5 degrees. If you have less body, accelerate accordingly this process. “If something prevents cooling, the brain automatically switches to debugging,” says Scottish sleep researcher Chris Idzikowski. The result: you can fall asleep worse or wake up more often at night. Important: feet and hands should always be nice and warm.

3. Naked sleepers increase their body feeling

Many people no longer experience the natural state of being naked. Why? Who sleeps textile-free, clearly does something for his body feeling: something good. We learn again to feel our body. Be it a slight breeze on the skin, the soft fabric of the blanket or the direct body heat of our bed neighbor.

Quite apart from the fact that many nightgowns resemble a fashionable traffic accident .

4. Nude sleepers potentially have more sex

If that is no reason? Those who sleep naked tend to have more sex! “The body reacts much faster to every touch, all senses are awake,” says couple and sex therapist Rita Schneider. Sleeping nude with his partner increases physical and emotional closeness, confirms American relationship expert Amber Madison . But you do not really have to be an expert to know that skin to skin is possible …