5 crucial dates not to miss in June

Deadline for the declaration of income, yes… but it is not the only important chance in this month of June 2023. Starting with the deadline of June 30 to declare your real estate to the General Directorate of Public Finances .

June 1 and 8

Tick ​​tock. For the French living abroad and the first 19 departments, it is already too late. For the second wave of departments, there are a few hours left. And a week for the others.

Deadlines 2023 – online declaration
1 19 and non-resident householdsTHURSDAY May 2511:59 p.m.
20 54THURSDAY June 1st11:59 p.m.
55 and beyondTHURSDAY June 811:59 p.m.

Source: DGFiP

To know: once again, more than 10million households can benefit from the automatic declarationwhich allows taxpayers with pre-declared income and expenses to avoid annual corvee.

MAP. Here is the official calendar for the 2023 declaration in your department

June 28

Last-minute correction or modification to operate on your tax return? Good news: the form remains online until Wednesday, June 28. Until then, you can modify the amounts already declared without risking significant penalties.

Be careful all the same not to play with this extension of the online declaration: the deadlines having passed, a late modification will cause the publication of a second tax notice (and can sometimes lead to the payment of late interest , but no 10% increase for out-of-limit declaration).

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June 30th

Are you the owner? It doesn’t matter if it’s your second or main residence, or an apartment or a house for rental investment, the obligation is the same for all owners: June 30 is the deadline for declaring the occupants accommodations you own via the tool Manage my properties on impots.gouv.fr. The objective of the tax authorities is to identify the dwellings which remain subject to the housing tax, which now affects only secondary residences.

decla immo taxes
Reminder message from the DGFiP at the start of your 2022 income declaration

If you do not declare your property, you risk a fine of 150 euros. Namely all the same: the tax authorities will show leniency, this obligation being new. The first fines will only be sent from January 1, 2024.

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June 30 (bis)

If you are a real estate owner, the deadline of Friday June 30 is doubly important. It is also the limit to switch to the monthly payment of your property tax. Taxpayers wishing to subscribe to the monthly direct debit for 2023 have until this date to do so: then, the monthly direct debit option will only be valid for 2024. If you claim the time monthly payment, the first direct debit will take place from Monday July 17.

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