5 tips to feel like you’re at the restaurant while staying confined

The recent controversy over illegal restaurants reminded us how much we miss the French art de vivre (or at least, restaurants with friends). To rediscover this pleasure while respecting the rules, if we played dinner? Follow the guide.

On April 2, 2021, M6 broadcast a report on “high standing clandestine parties” being held in particular in the beautiful Parisian districts. General scandal: participants and staff alike do not respect barrier gestures and a writer claims “Here the Covid does not exist”. The indecency of such an event is not simply due to the non-respect of barrier gestures, but to the fact that the report evokes exorbitantly priced menus for distinguished guests, and potentially, people in power.

Throughout the Easter weekend, the controversy swelled on social networks and in the media, as the revelations progressed. One of the organizers is identified as Jean-Pierre Chalençon, a Parisian collector. Then the denials follow on the supposed presence of members of the government at similar events. The Paris prosecutor even opening a criminal investigation on Sunday April 4 for “endangering others” and “hidden work”. Jean-Pierre Chalençon, for his part, evoked this Tuesday April 6 a gigantic April Fool’s Day …

While waiting for the light on this affair, April Fool’s Day or not, here are our tips for you also to feel at the restaurant … while respecting the confinement and the barrier gestures (under penalty of very salty fines and endangering of the community).

Plan the menu

A good restaurant is first and foremost a good menu. There is something for all budgets when organizing a restaurant at home. Plan a recipe suited to your patience and your cooking skills. Remember, if you drink alcohol, the food and wine pairing. For inspiration and if you’ve sold out your cookbooks, take a look at Instagram or TikTok. These networks are full of delicious ideas and professional advice. Here, a vegetarian curry for an Indian restaurant atmosphere …

There, an iconic dish of the brasserie: the beef tartare.

Take care of the decor

The decoration is as much a part of the restaurant as what is on your plate. If your apartment is not the size of the Vivienne Palace, don’t panic! Some accessories will give it a crazy charm. Install candles for an ultra warm atmosphere, some flowers, put yourself on cushions around the coffee table to change the habit, take out your most beautiful tablecloth and beautiful cutlery: let go!

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Focus on the sound environment

For the whole atmosphere, we wish you to be confined with people that you appreciate. Regarding the sound environment, why not play the game to the end and put in the background the noise of a real restaurant? Once again, the choice is wide, between the atmosphere of a cozy cafe or that of a bustling brewery. The bonus? Depending on the language chosen, you will be entitled to a change of scenery as a bonus. Fan of music, you also have the opportunity to browse a playlist on your favorite listening platform.

Get dressed

You go to the restaurant in your pajamas, do you? Whether you put on your chic Sunday outfit or the one for fishing, the dress makes the monk during this evening! For an air of spring, we have spotted for you the completely incongruous trend which is a hit: the cottage core, which guarantees an 18th century atmosphere brought up to date.

Plan the after

Depending on whether you have created an atmosphere for a family dinner or a restaurant between lovers, the sequence of events is not the same. Why not follow up on a cinema atmosphere suitable for the guests? We have the selection you need!

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And above all, to stay zen: do not tidy up the same evening! You will have plenty of time to come back to your daily life tomorrow.
Bonus for parents: to make the experience fun and to be able to play the romantic evening card, why not offer your children the opportunity to serve and tidy up? It’s up to you to figure out how to pay the bill at the end: in playing time, spending money or hugs!

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