5 trendy hats under 15 euros


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The summer sales have started. The opportunity to do good business! Why not fall for a trendy hat? Our selection for less than 15 euros.

The summer sales started on June 22 and ends on July 22, 2022. It’s the perfect time to adopt new trendy fashion pieces in your dressing room. We are thinking, for example, of new swimsuits for your summer holidays, of trendy long dresses for strolling around town and in the countryside, or even… Accessories such as jewelery or hats. By “hats”, we also mean bucket hats (very fashionable at the moment), but also caps (timeless).

The hat, the bob or the cap really allow to add a touch of style to your outfit. It is this type of accessory that makes your tools unique and original. To give a sportswear touch to a more classic outfit like a blazer and straight jeans, the cap will be perfect. It is she who will bring the trendy side, the one that changes everything! The bucket hat will bring a streetwear touch. In summer, we love it in crochet, colored or cotton and in winter, we love it in suede or leather. Finally, there are also very chic natural or synthetic straw hats: wide, or displaying a narrower panama-like shape. Two great options for UV protection in the summer.

The 5 trendiest summer hats to have

The colorful cap: here is an optimal choice to put a little pep in your look. The cap goes everywhere and with everything. It is really very practical! We are a fan of this green model, a trendy shade.

Stradivarius – San Francisco cap green

© Stradivari


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A wide straw hat. Here is a perfect hat to enhance your summer looks. It is very wide and protects you well from UV rays. Very stylish !

The bob is definitely popular. We love this very summery and original pink model. This is the accessory that will give character to your outfit. We are fans!

This Panama hat is a timeless classic. It brings a chic and bohemian aspect (and maybe even a little rock side) to your outfit. We love this model with a beige ribbon. It goes with everything!

Jeans are always a good idea. This bucket hat mixes two different colors of jeans: it’s even trendier and brings a very nice streetwear touch. We love.

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