55 turnkey sites to build factories in France

From Noyon in Oise to Saint-Paul de La Réunion, via Lannion in Côtes d’Armor, the government published on Tuesday the list of 55 turnkey industrial sites which will be offered by 2030 to investors, French or foreigners, wishing to build factories quickly in France.

Of the 55, five will be ready in 2024, located Alixan in Drme, Alloinay in Deux-Svres, Arles in Bouches-du-Rhne, Béziers in Hérault and Etrechet in Indre, indicated the ministers of the ‘Industry and the Ecological Transition, Roland Lescure and Christophe Bchu during a telephone interview with the press.

The others must be decontaminated, demolished, redeveloped or connected to electricity, gas or water networks, and will be ready in two waves, either between 2025 and 2027, or between 2027 and 2030, specified the two ministers.

These announcements come after the vote on the Green Industry law in October, and almost a year after Emmanuel Macron’s declarations to the newspaper Challenges unveiling his strategy to accelerate the industrialization of France and calling for an agenda of simplification and acceleration procedures to allow large investors (data centers, automobiles, or batteries) to set up in France.

More than 60% of the sites are part of a dynamic of land recycling, underlined Mr. Bchu, 30 of them being industrial wastelands, while 25 are located on virgin land held by the State. , local authorities or businesses.

The land covers 3,340 hectares, noted Roland Lescure: We are giving ourselves the means to attract all projects, from industrial SMEs to gigafactories, he said. In total, the identified sites correspond to an area of ​​3,342 hectares.

The State will support the upgrading of land and its development so that it is immediately usable by interested investors via a budget of 450 million euros, the minister specified.

This envelope will notably make it possible to contribute to the decontamination if necessary in order to make the site ready for use and to provide the project owners with engineering support to carry out the studies necessary to bring the site into compliance, indicates a document from ‘accompaniement.

On average, it takes 17 months to install a factory on a site, we want to get as close as possible to the shortest possible period, i.e. 9 months, we specify in the office of Mr. Lescure Bercy.

The 55 labeled sites come from more than a hundred applications received, added Mr. Bchu.

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