6 themed treasure hunts for children

Ah treasure hunts, a timeless activity that crosses all generations! Pirate, princess, police, special Halloween version, this adventure game can be organized at home or in the park. We give you 6 themes of children’s treasure hunts.

Our little adventurers love to take on challenges, especially when there is a treasure to be found! Riddles, maps, clues, trials, secret codes, children have many elements to investigate and finally discover the famous treasure. A fun activity that can be practiced indoors or outdoors, for a birthday or for an outing to the park or even, as a team, with family or even alone. We advise you to time the games to avoid spending 3 years on a hunt.

To vary the pleasures, we offer 6 treasure hunt themes:

An escape game themed treasure hunt – from 3 years old

This activity traditionally takes place in a complex of several rooms in the dark. But today, it is quite possible to play the escape game at home or in the garden, thanks to kits. In addition, it is possible to choose a specific theme: inspired by a movie, a series or even a cartoon. The children are thus immersed in a story and must solve a mystery, find the solution and are subjected to trials and riddles. A time-limited activity that you can time

To change the classic treasure hunts, there are Escape Game kits with many themes to print: Haunted House, Frozen, Casa de Papel, Harry Potter….

Our selection of themed treasure hunts for children:

Classic treasure hunt – recommended age: from 3 years old

Everyone knows this game. For this treasure hunt, you will have to create some puzzles in the form of charade, riddle or even in story form. If you’re not very inspired, you can find ready-made treasure hunts on the internet. So that the children are concentrated, it is necessary to define a starting point to begin the walk.

And let’s go for the treasure hunt! Finally, on arrival, a treasure will await them: a large box filled with treats or small gifts for all the guests.

Treasure hunt – adventurous theme – from 3 years old

To make the rules a little harder, we suggest you turn your child into Indiana Jones for a treasure hunt. To do this, you can put yourself in a garden or in a park. Better to avoid the woods, as children may be lost and take a long time to search for items.

To play efficiently, you can give players a map or scroll with a route to find each treasure and a timer so they don’t run out of time. Players will be entitled to clues and secret codes to help them in their quest. For treasures, it can be gold coins, sculptures or (plastic) jewelry.

Treasure hunt princes & princesses version – from 3 years old

For this activity, you can do it outdoors as well as indoors, but you will have to dress up as a prince and a princess. The goal ? Find the lost tiara of the queen of the palace but be careful, the minutes are numbered.

For this treasure hunt, players must use the riddles and clues made by you. Children also have a scroll to help them.

Police investigation version treasure hunt

Who has never dreamed of putting themselves in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes to solve puzzles? For this treasure hunt, children will have to find objects written in English on a map. They may have clues, provided they meet challenges. This activity will allow them to let off steam and improve their vocabulary in English.

For this treasure hunt, it is best to do it at home or indoors.

Prison Break Treasure Hunt

For this game, each player will have to succeed in escaping from the prison (the house) by using the map and the various clues at their disposal. For the treasure hunt side, children will have to find each key to the doors of the house using the clues. Each key will have a sticker and will correspond to a coin.

To get out of the prison, you will have to open all the doors and finally unlock the final door, that of the entrance to the premises.

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If you want to download printable treasure hunt kits, here is our selection of treasure hunts with several themes for children:


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