7 sentences you never hear from really confident men

7 sentences that mature men would never say

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How do you know that you have a confident, mature partner by your side? Well, not with these sentences …

Don’t we all just want a certain amount of maturity and self-confidence from our partner? That he is okay with his feelings and not playing stupid games? Yes, we would definitely not let someone like that go again anytime soon! But at the latest when one of these sentences comes up in our relationship, we know: That was probably nothing …

7 Sentences Mature Men Wouldn’t Say In A Relationship

1. “This is all your fault.”

Isn’t your relationship going that way right now? Congratulations, strong team effort! A mature man would never blame his girlfriend for any relationship problems alone. Mature, self-confident men know that a crisis always takes two – and that they can only overcome it together if both take responsibility for their actions.

2. “We’ll talk about that another time.”

Mature men know what they want – and of course they can say it! Future plans, wishes for children, career goals? Such questions are cleared up in a partnership with self-confident men.

3. “Leave me, I’m fine …”

Boys don’t cry Maybe, but men sometimes – if they are self-confident enough! Mature men take their feelings seriously, and stand by them. In particular, they would never hide their emotions from their partner, because they know that being strong does not mean not feeling anything.

4. “If you think so, then that’s the way it is.”

Give in to have some peace and quiet? Not with a mature man! Self-confident people don’t just avoid conflicts and confrontations, but rather clear them up – and do themselves, their partners and their relationship a big favor!

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5. “I didn’t ask your opinion.”

Don’t let your partner talk you into it – typical for insecure men! But a confident man values ​​and respects the woman at his side and would never turn down her advice and support. If others perceive this as small and unmanly, that is their problem, but certainly not that of a mature man.

6. “You’re the total drama queen again.”

Just as they take their own feelings seriously, confident men naturally also respect the feelings of their partner. Do you react very emotionally to an apparently minor matter? Or has it been bad for days? Then there is definitely something behind it! A mature man feels just as responsible for finding out what it is in the relationship as he is for physical pleasure, honest dealings with one another, fair distribution of tasks … Everything that concerns two people who share their lives with one another.

7. “I can’t help that.”

Strong guys don’t make mistakes? Mistake! Anyone who is apparently never responsible when something goes wrong is not strong, but simply too weak and insecure to admit mistakes and take responsibility for his actions. In contrast, self-confident men are not only self-critical and self-reflective, but also always accept criticism and feedback and take them seriously.


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