7 toxic thoughts that can destroy your relationship

Toxic thoughts
7 thoughts that will ruin your relationship

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Are you also a: e brooder: in? If these thoughts sound familiar to you, let them go as soon as possible!

Our thoughts have a great deal of power. Because we steer our lives in a very special direction. So is our relationship. It is very important how we think about our: n partners: in and us.

You’d better get these considerations out of your head as quickly as possible. Because sooner or later they can become a self-fulfilling prophecy (i.e. reality!).

1. My: e partner: must be perfect

If you give this thought too much space, you will automatically focus on the negative sides of your loved one – and that promotes frustration in the long run.

2. I’m not good enough for him / her

Yes, otherwise he or she wouldn’t be with you, would he? Anyone who thinks that way is only catapulting himself into the sidelines – and completely unnecessarily.

3. Maybe there is another: n better: n for me

Anyone who loves his: n partner: in should also get fully involved with this person – and not linger any more back doors.

4. It’ll be fine by itself

Relationship crisis? Then waiting alone usually doesn’t help. You have to approach the problems actively – that is, talk about them and look for solutions together.

5. Happy couples don’t quarrel

That’s not true! Happy couples address the things that bother or occupy them. Because swallowing frustration and anger is in the end much more dangerous for the relationship than a few verbal battles.

6. Those who love each other spend every free minute together

If you both want that, okay. But a healthy relationship consists of the right balance of closeness and distance – and both should be aware that personal space does not mean that you do not love the other.

7. Love alone is enough

It would be nice. No matter how much you love each other, a relationship always means a piece of work – especially when you live together. You just have to be clear about that.


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