8 beauty tips for women over 40


One thing is clear – we are all getting older. That cannot be prevented and we do not have to. Holding on to our younger self desperately? No thanks! That mostly makes us look old!

Instead, we should adapt our beauty routine to our age. Because what our skin did at 20 is just not good enough for skin over 40. So we adapt our care to the needs of our growing skin with increasing age. A more mature skin also means that we can no longer apply makeup as we did in the 20s. But not only our techniques we have to adapt to our more mature, but still beautiful, skin. The right formulations, colors and tools should also be taken into account for a nice end result. After all, we want to continue to emphasize and highlight our advantages.


Elise Marquam Jahns is a make-up artist for women over 40. In conversation with her Byrdie colleagues, the make-up artist gave exciting beauty tips for mature skin.

Please no apple cheeks!

The make-up artist advises: Do not apply blush to the apple cheeks. This can additionally emphasize the signs of the times. Instead, the blush should be applied with slight upward movements above the apple cheeks – this counteracts gravity and ensures a fresh look. Our skin color can also change over time. Therefore, Elise Marquam Jahns recommends to pay attention to whether you prefer warm or cool colors when blushing.

Don't forget your eyebrows!

The "good" thing about getting older, according to Elisa Marquam Jahns, is that we no longer have to pluck our eyebrows too often, but for that we would have to start by tracing missing hairs. We should put a special focus on the end of the brows, because with age, hair growth decreases sharply at this point. Therefore: don't forget the end when filling in your eyebrows, otherwise the brows are too short.

Pay more attention to your eyelids!

From a certain age, many of us have wrinkled eyelids or drooping eyelids. If you put a light nude or champagne shade on the movable lid and under the eyebrow, you can create the illusion of larger eyes. In order to slightly lift the eye area, the make-up artist also recommends applying a darker shade of brown above your natural crease. So you visually move the crease up.

Avoid matte nude lipsticks!

You should rather quickly ban nude lipsticks with a matte formulation from your make-up bag. Unfortunately, they settle too quickly in the lip lines and dry them out. Creamy lipsticks with some shine and a lot of moisture make your lips shine. And don't be afraid of color – a beautiful shade of red suits all ages!

Eyeliner frames the eye!

If you have wrinkled eyelids as you age, you know that an even eyeshadow look is not that easy. In this case, the make-up artist advises not to apply the eyeshadow with wiper movements, but to incorporate the product in circular movements on the lid. Applying eyeliner is also more difficult at 40 than at 20. But that's no reason to stop. You just have to find a technique to deal with the new situation. Jahns recommends using a Kayal pencil instead of a liquid eyeliner. If necessary, this can be blurred a little with a Q-Tip to create a softer look. In addition, you can hide a less perfectly drawn line – win-win.

Use a soft foundation brush!

Using the right make-up tools is just as important as using the right foundations, lipsticks and the like. In order to prevent foundation from settling in the wrinkles, Elise Marquam Jahns advises using a soft buffer brush. The works the product evenly into the skin and ensures a flawless finish.

Lipliners ensure defined lips!

Wrinkles also form around the mouth area over time. These wrinkles are often accused of "bleeding out" lipsticks. The color then creeps from your lips into the small wrinkles. Not a nice look! To avoid bleeding the lipstick, you can simply use a lip liner and lightly powder the lips.

Invest in liquid formulations!

Make-up artist Elise Marquam Jahns knows: our skin tends to dryness in old age. That is why powder products in particular are unattractive on the skin and emphasize wrinkles more than ever. Your advice: use liquid or creamy formulations. Liquid foundations provide your skin with extra moisture and a cream blush can be built up as desired and achieves a fresh glow on the cheeks.