8 signs that your hair needs a cut

If you recognize yourself in one (or more) of the eight points listed in this article, it certainly means that your haircut needs a sprucing up! So, verdict?

Having long hair is good. In good health, it’s even better! Indeed, there is nothing wrong with sticking to its length, but be careful: not at any cost. Sometimes, a good cut is more than necessary and can only do good for the hair. To reject this idea is to step back in order to jump better. Indeed, it is better to regularly cut a few centimeters, than to have to sacrifice a large part of the length of a blow. Still hesitating to cut your hair? It’s normal. After having shown patience for months, even years, until reaching a certain length, not easy to take the plunge. To help you, let’s take stock of these eight signs that your hair needs a cut !

1 – you have forks

Hair straighteners, hair dryers, coloring, rubbing… These are all factors that can explain the appearance of split ends in your hair. True, there are all kinds of them, they are more or less easily recognizable and not only focus on the ends of the hair, but one thing is for sure: split ends are inevitable and do not go away ! Indeed, a split point is a point that will remain so until it has been cut. Worse still, the split ends even tend to worsen and to go higher and higher in the hair… In summary: it is better to detect them and to get rid of as soon as possible. Keep in mind that there is no miracle treatment once the forks are installed! In addition, this phenomenon is most often accompanied by a change in texture: your hair is dry, brittle, more difficult to disentangle ? It’s a certainty, they need to be cut.

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2 – Your ends are refined

Even by multiplying the care and avoiding as much as possible the external aggressions, hair wear is natural and therefore inevitable. And as the tips are much older than the roots, they are also necessarily more damaged! The result: Even though your hair is voluminous by nature, it can eventually become thinner as it grows longer. In fact, little by little, the hair naturally becomes thinner and more fragile, which results fromprogressive loss of scales and keratin.
This is why, when the thinning of the hair is globalized, in other words: that it affects the whole of the hair – roots, lengths and ends – the problem can come from elsewhere (hormones, food, hair products…). But when it is centralized on the tips, no doubt possible: hair becomes thinner because it is damaged and a good cut would do them the most good. The goal: to get off to a good start!

3 – Your color is not uniform

In addition to this loss of scales and keratin, which causes thinning of the ends, the natural wear and tear of the hair is also a source of melanin loss. You have noticed that your hair is getting lighter at the tips ? This is completely normal, this is again a sign (especially visible on dark hair) that your hair needs a good scissor lift. Be careful, we are obviously not talking about a lightening caused by a coloring technique – of the style shaded hair or tie and dye – but manya natural phenomenon and out of your control.

4 – your hair lacks shape

Volume and movement are no more than distant memories for you, and even the best performing hair products can’t help? It is high time to refresh your haircut ! It’s a fact: over time and as the hair grows, the cut (or rather what is left of it) disintegrates until it ends up not looking like much … Rest assured, in the Most cases – if your hair problems are limited to this one – no need to sacrifice many (and precious) inches of length: a light gradient can be enough to invigorate your hair and give relief to your hairstyle.

5 – your hair is still tied

If they lack shape and are damaged, it is inevitable: you can only have more and more difficulty combing your hair and it is even a miracle if you can still bear it. Result: your beauty treatments are limited to ponytails and other updos, and even when you make the effort to detach your hair, you always end up lifting them up during the day … long if they are still attached ? There is no mystery: you need to bet on a new cut ! Indeed, only a hair change will make you want to take care of your hair and to highlight them as they should be.

6 – your haircut doesn’t look like you anymore

Sometimes the hair can be healthy without making you feel comfortable with its cut. You want a change ? Don’t give it up just because it took you years to reach a certain length, but don’t go for it with your head down either. Indeed, once your hair is cut, there will be no going back. What do we advise you to do then? Take it step by step. Indeed, cutting gradually will allow you not to miss the haircut with which you will feel really good. And then, why not turn to a hairstylist? His advice could be valuable to you!

7 – Your curls are just a shadow of themselves

Is your hair curly in nature, but you feel like your curls tend to disappear? Again, this is a warning sign. There is no point in drowning it in texturizing formulas, if your hair no longer curls, there is a reason and the need for a good cut is often the source. This is why we recommend that you separate yourself from your damaged tips so as to revive your hair and regain the beauty of your curls. You will only need a few scissors to find them flexible and well-designed.

8 – You have the impression that your hair is no longer growing

Do you avoid having your hair cut because your goal is to gain as much length as possible, but despite your efforts, you feel that it is no longer growing? Be aware that this is due to the fact that your tips are so deteriorated thatthey break before you even notice any length gain. In short: at the roots, your hair continues to gain inches, but it is at the end that the problem arises. In order to remedy this, once again, there is no quick fix: you need to find a healthy hair and so cut the damaged partotherwise it will not stop breaking.

So, did you identify with one or more of these eight points? If the answer is yes, you know what you have to do!

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