“A clear plea”: Vienna’s chief financial officer wants Lindner as an official colleague

“A clear plea”
Vienna’s chief financial officer wants Lindner as an official colleague

It is not yet officially about personal details in the coalition negotiations of the traffic light parties. But the post of finance minister, on which the FDP and the Greens are hoping, is already causing discussions. In Austria, too, people seem to be concerned about the occupation.

In a diplomatically unusual step, the Austrian finance minister Gernot Blümel has spoken out in favor of FDP leader Christian Lindner becoming finance minister of a future traffic light coalition in Germany. “In the history of the EU, there has rarely been a situation in which a single personnel decision in a member state has such significance for the stability of the EU,” said Blümel of “Welt”. “The whole of Europe is excited to see who will become finance minister in Germany. Because these people will determine the long-term economic stability of the EU.”

The ÖVP politician expressed the hope that “the traditional German stance that we need stable finances in order to ensure long-term growth and prosperity in Europe will prevail. From the people currently in question, that would therefore be a clear plea for Christian Lindner. ” At the EU level, Austria is resolutely opposed to any relaxation of the debt rules in the Stability and Growth Pact for the euro zone. Instead, Blümel is calling for the fiscal rules to be enforced more consistently than before.

The finance ministers of the Eurogroup will meet in Brussels on Monday. According to the ideas of the Liberals, the Federal Ministry of Finance should be led by Lindner. The Greens have also shown interest in the department.

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