a fake doctor was performing bogus Covid tests


This Thursday, January 21, 2021, Iltusen B., 31, appears before the court of Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine). The young woman was posing as a doctor and defrauding patients with false Covid-19 tests.

The usurper charged 70 euros per false test. Iltusen B., 31, had been posing as Doctor Inaya R. since April 2020. And had patients undergo false Covid-19 tests. In The Parisian, a patient abused in April in Boulogne-Billancourt describes this rather singular consultation he had with the usurper: "She scraped the back of our throats with a spatula and put everything in a machine ", he said. This machine, previously stolen, was actually used to detect diabetes. At the end of the consultation, Iltusen B. pretended to pass the patient's vital card on his smartphone and asked them to advance 70 euros for the false test, assuring them that they would be reimbursed by Social Security..

She scraped the back of our throats with a spatula

Worse still, according to the witness who confided in Parisian, the fake doctor would have assured him that his test was negative. However, a few days after this bogus consultation, the patient went for a PCR test in the laboratory and his results turned out to be positive: "It's crazy, in the meantime I may have infected people, I kept going to work", he explains, distraught. When he understands the scam, he makes a date with her again. On May 24, 2020, she shows up and he takes the opportunity, with the help of relatives, to call the police.

She endangered the safety of her fellow citizens, there is a public safety issue here

Her recent covid test scams will be judged this Thursday, January 21, 2021, but the fake doctor has also been the subject of many other complaints since 2016. Investigators have discovered that around 30 already exist against Iltusen B. through France. She even came close to being hired in a clinic in Haute-Garonne before being unmasked. His ex-boyfriends, already victims of his deceptions, evoke: "a pathological mythomaniac", according to a judicial source from Parisian. For the Order of Physicians, she has "endangering the safety of its fellow citizens, this is a public safety issue."

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