a message from a dad whose baby is hospitalized with covid-19


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The dad of a 1-year-old infant hospitalized with covid 19 delivers a heartbreaking message after watching his son struggle for life.

A little over a year ago Carter Butrum was born 3 months in advance. This prematurity led the infant and his parents to stay in the hospital for many months.
But while the little boy had returned home and was now growing up in the family cocoon, a few days ago Carter suddenly fell ill with Covid 19. Desperate by the situation, his dad, Kyle Butrum, unveiled a touching message:

“It’s impossible to feel a greater sense of injustice than seeing someone unable to speak on their behalf going through this and you can’t help them. I spent five months wondering if he would ever come home. I thought we were done with the hospitals. Except that a year later, I’m starting to ask myself the question again ” the dad told before adding:

“Last night it looked like he couldn’t catch his breath. He’s just exhausted and doing what he can. Actively choosing not to be vaccinated is actively putting someone potentially helpless in danger. It is not fair to those who cannot make this decision. Don’t let this happen to your kids, it’s not worth it. “

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Today Carter and her family are fighting for life and continue to get their message out to anyone who can hear it.

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