a new big free game, it’s carnage!

Steam is offering a new free game for a weekend, so now is the time to take advantage of it before it becomes paid again. After the offer, you will no longer be able to enjoy it for free.

Every week, PC players have two unmissable events. On Thursday, the Epic Games Store offers one or more free games, while on Friday, Steam gives away gifts. For this penultimate week of September, Steam is being a bit stingy and is only offering one free game for a long weekend only. So you have a long weekend to enjoy it before it becomes chargeable again.

A new free Steam game for a weekend

This still remains excellent news since, unlike the trial versions, here the full game is offered free of charge for a few days. And that’s more than enough since the title in question is none other than State of Decay 2 in its most complete version. A cooperative action and survival game that catapults you into a post-apocalyptic universe where zombies are legion. You will then have to explore while being very careful, especially as exits to hostile areas quickly turn into real carnage. In this free Steam game, you will also have to take care of a camp and its survivors, collect resources and try to survive as long as possible while facing zombies, strange mutations and other unfriendly survivors. It’s total chaos.

State of Decay 2 is free for a few days

You can enjoy State of Decay 2 for free on Steam from today until September 25. The State of Decay license perhaps does not shine as much as one might hope, it nonetheless remains an excellent franchise much appreciated by players. It is so popular that its games very often accompany the Xbox presentations of its last year. Moreover, a State of Decay 3 is in development, although it has been a while since we have heard from it. No news is good news, right? The game is expected on Xbox Series and PC, but we still don’t know when the release date is set. So you have plenty of time to catch up on the franchise by trying one of the first games. So you might as well take advantage of this weekend’s free game on Steam.

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