a superb collector’s item that fans will love

Monster Hunter fans, you will be delighted. A superb collector’s item is now available for pre-order and it should clearly please fans of the license.

It has become Capcom’s most popular and lucrative license, Monster Hunter has become a real phenomenon since World, released in 2017. Sold several million copies on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the game is a real cardboard and its XXL expansion, Iceborne, followed suit. And the more popular a game is, the more fans there are and if there are fans, there are necessarily collectors, and it is them that we are talking about today.

A nice collector’s item for Monster Hunter fans

If Monster Hunter has received a lot of praise, few have paid attention to its OST, and yet, it is almost as monstrous as everything else in the game. We say almost since some themes are quickly forgotten, especially masked by good music more involving. Anyway, even if some are shy, they are all great, and that’s good since a very nice batch of collector’s vinyls is back at Amazon.

Two vinyls printed in superb sleeves with colorful artwork each representing one of the great monsters of the game. All in an envelope in the colors of the game, of course. You can find a good part of the Monster Hunter World soundtrack there for around fifty euros via Amazon. Everything will arrive in your mailbox around August 28.

A very beautiful box set for lovers of the license ©Laced Records

It is Laced which offers these vinyls, a brand well known to turntable lovers. The firm is also preparing an absolutely sublime deluxe collector’s version with no less than 6 discs this time, also all printed and stored in very classy sleeves in the colors of the game. Allow around €110 to get your hands on the precious one, only available on the Laced Records website for now. Attention Monster Hunter fans.

monster hunter
The deluxe version of the Monster Hunter World vinyls ©Laced Records – Capcom

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